FIFA this time for Africa!

Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa :D

Great!! Today i'll watched the opening ceremony of the spectacular show of soccer ball match, because this is the world event! I bet even you don't like soccer, you will watched this because euphoria of people among the world were so amaze! FIFA World Cup 2010 will held is South Africa :D and waka waka, I support the England Team! My favorite player is midflieder number eleven of england whom named Joe Cole!

Joe Cole

Lot a kiss for him!! I hope england will be the winner for FIFA 2010. Anyway, Joe Cole said that he looks more carefully for the ball. The FIFA doesn't use regular ball, this time for FIFA 2010 will used the Adidas Ball called Jabulani. The shapes really round and Joe cole also the others player who knows about this ball said that they really scared about how hard to control the ball. I hope Joe Cole and the others will be okay :D
My second favorite team is Italia and Germany :D The winner of latest world cup. So excited to imagine Joe Cole in the television again. I'll record the match!! Adios, have a great cup!

Jabulani Ball

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