Good day, everyone! How's life so far?

Mine is full of ups and downs. But if I have to looked back, it won't be so much for bragging comparing with my friends' accomplishment. Well yeah, I know the recipe to make live more happily is not to compare yours with anybody. And with that ingredients, I would like to say that mine nowadays is soooo great.

I have good colleagues in my company, great mentors, great role manager to be looked upon, and great opportunities to develop myself. I have to admit that myself is not that great in finance related stuff, since my real soul is in artsy and consulting. My brave ideas don't have source to put it on, since I have to stay calm in my company right now, quietly do the repetitive job and staff thingy that should align with what you have ordered. But yeah, I will try to live like this a little more, because I want to see if these things are fit with me or not.


Yesterday I was confused. My best friend still lay upon her bed in hospital. I was mad upon my parents for nothing. And I don't have any gank, so yes this loneliness feeling came straightforward heading to me yesterday. It was so painful if I tried to remember. Knowing that no one need you, even your most beloved one. But hey, that just me being sentimental. Now I have gained my power and I am trying to fix this. I do not know what it will be feels like later after I moved out and live by myself. I am trying to solve this by join some yoga club, youth community, and forum. Reaching the social power.

and that's that the summary for this whole time. hope in the future I will inform you a very good news one ya. See you and deliver thousand kissess :*