Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Finally, i have watched the part one of final chapter of Harry Potter. i went with my friend after finished my class in campus, took my things from home in my boarding house, and went to Plaza Senayan to catch up this movie. I don't know why i agree with my friend to watch in Pancoran than Margoda which is very near from my boarding house-- but i knew it maybe because tonight is saturday night and i never used it as well is can be. not tonight too, because my friend is a girl -__-

my impression about this movie is soooo great! i got the front seat, the second line from front. i thought that i was unlucky to watch it from there, but it was wrong. i felt really awesome there, i really felt closer to daniel, emma, and rupert :* they are so big in the screen, and it was really like saw a 3D film! the sound, the graphic, anything in the movie is perfect! the story really touched, and conclude the main point from novel. Emma looks great, daniel and rupert too. They were totally grown up became such a great actor and actress. The director was cool! i can't say anything else, you must watch it to know how great is it.

After seen the movie, i spent my time in Gramedia to look up the book, peek in new release and found the book of harry potter and the cast!! the price is $40 and i have seen all the contents because i found the one had a broken sealed. i saw many cool photos there :) there is a photo where Daniel and Rupert met for the first time and holding hands each other with shy (cute!), there is a photo where daniel from ten years old until now wore Gryfindoor jackets, and it was really cool photos. Emma from first series until now, and Rupert too. Hermione's stand in, Voldemort with his nose, dumbledore, the twins weasley from child until now :') and the most cool things inside are there are: Envelope and mail from first movie that told Harry about he is a new student in hogwarts! the envelope was cool! the stamp!! the words and dumbledore's signature too, oh god. and then, there is magic label for the liquid magic bottle of your labor tools in Hermione's world. There are HIDDEN-MAP from third movie which are really really cool!!! you said lumos and something that you don't know anything-- i forget the spell, you had it! i touched it! cool. and there is ball yewn invited in fifth movie with white envelope and cristal palace background. cool! there is twin-weasley catalog too, and hogsmeade catalog :D i really want to eat that one, the candy weird flavors. what else? the photos, and the things inside really really worth for $40 :D

deathly hallows symbol. remembered me of something haha

I love Harry Potter so much, thanks J.K Rowling for imagined him and his best-friends. I love his movies, too. Lucky for Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Green which can be as main cast in this one, so they can famous like now. Lucky, very lucky. Oh, i saw 70% discount books and bought one. Something i don;t know when will i read, but this one really interesting thing. I am going crazy back then in Pelangi, when saw many shoes and bags with big sale. Can somebody stop me to not buy the shoe or bag? thanked that my friend can. She really really protect me like as my mom did -__- i wanna try the shoes at least, but she won't allowed me, so dare! hhaha

Okay, i should sleep now. Going to JGTC tomorrow, meet many people and finally watch the Trax live on my own eyes (yeah!). If you saw me, call me and talk to me :) see you there, buddies



i won't sleep tonight. either to switch on my skype, for just chit-chat.
i've passed four months here. pretending for something i just don't know about the-exist-or-not
doing something i hate the most, learning something i don't like and not interested enough
i am laughing for something that unfunny and not funny. not funny. scary.
i am sick of it, this situation, seriously.
but, i did something wrong from the earlier that i can't pull it back
i have to considered the responsibility that i had
the time that i've pass by is not easy to get back again
i have to learn many things. i have to stand here, whatever the risk
whatever the kind of things faced on me
i am just want to run. but i can not run, i'm standing here, with tears and cry.
but not even a tears drop by, i'm just hide it far away from everyone
because it was hurt for me if someone know and care too much of this one
my problem was so terrible. please, be kind to not interfere my business, my problem
you away from this, i'm glad, surely

you know, something that you hide too long and too hurt for kept it by your own will be as yours as time goes by, because you have made the world seem careless for you, even they are really care for you.


the last three day in my lovely campus area had been some amazing event held, by the way. i could call this as the week of campaign for the leader of FEUI 2011 in BEM and BPM. yesterday i saw flash mob in makara park which is a campaign from team number 1. number 2 and number 3 made a great campaign i thought, because they gave us free worksheet of final exam last year :) and even, the number 2 made a challenge and the winner can get the JGTC's ticket for free! cool.

by the way, i am in my home right now. full of tired, lack, and stress cured in home easily. sometimes i think to live in my home is better than live alone without someone care and understand you. but somehow, live in the boarding house so much better, i don't know but i thanked because my home is in jakarta, so i can choose both of them easily.

so, tomorrow i will go by train (again) to attend my mathematical class, wish i can get the point and add my currently score for mid-exam. and hope for me that tomorrow i can go to the movie for watching the Harry Potter- i delayed for watch this movie, not because i'm busy or what. just do not have the money haha. and now, i have, so let's watch it!

random. today i eat like a pig, so many food i had ate. now, i am eating the magnum-- the famous one that i don't know why. the taste is okay, just okay. the price is.. a little hurt me. hurt my pocket.



what date today? oh, twenny three and i'm suck of anything here. like such a fool girl, watching carefully in class but never understand what am i learned, i'm just doing some psychological things like said "I am okay, doing okay, everything will be okay and i will make my parents proud" dozen times like a crazy to keep my self stronger here, i am struggle here alone, no one want to understand me (who is me) and i won't either. okay, sorry random.

like deja vu, or i really had many deja vu now on, what is it mean? anyway, like deja vu, i will say that i am now PANIIIIIC!! two weeks again walk to the scary things in my whole life, my future, final exam in first semester. wish me luck, people. i will keep fighting to struggle in studying against my neighborhood at boarding house- altius, retta, bunga, wina, tika, and wirda whom are really clever people. except me, really. i am not clever anyway, just want to clever and want to live in this jungle, staying alive and speak loudly to my mom and dad, that their daughter will make them go to holy place, saudi arabia, going hajj, amin :)

whatever the situation here, any reason and condition which me faced, i will remember my mom and dad. I am here, for they, for their smiles, ya Allah. keep me walk in straight way. Bismillah

ps: i'm sick now, feeling cold and now drinking the hot tea. hope not get the thypus



I don't know but i just realized that i'm very addict with dvds now on. yesterday i've finished watched five films; Chibi Maruko Dorama, Salt, Confession of Shopaholic, My Bestfriend's girl, and Princess & me. All of them are great and makes me dying, imagining about something unreal and so on. Today, i'm going to campus in the morning with unbreeze spirit to what? to watch the documentary movies (hehe) held in auditorium. I enjoyed the free coffee, popcorn, magazines, journal, goodie bag (which there's unique black shirt that i want to modified) and surely, seven documentary movies which are soooooo great! i don't know but the documentary movies are interesting enough and recommended to be watch because you can see something real from the real source, real object, real problems, like you are in there, near them and feeling the love, guilty, hates, also others feeling more felt, i think. I will talked about all the doc. movies later, after tomorrow session, the second days of documentary days will be held. I will come again, get the coffee, sit before my first class in campus, and enjoyed my holy-tuesday in campus.

Aaaah, what should i say? i love my campus? hahaa, i don't know, today there are three events held at the same time at the same place. Many free snacks and some unique things everywhere.. i love this :)

The 33rd Jazz Goes to Campus Festival: Unleash the Jazz Within

BEM faculty of economics proudly present, JGTC. will be held at Sunday, 28 November 2010, 10 am until done, in front of campus economics, Depok.
Ticket price; presale Rp. 37.000,- and Onthespot Rp 45.000,-

The guest artists:  
Maliq n d’Essentials, Andien, The Groove Reunion, Tokyo Blue (Malaysia), Idang Rasjidi, Indro Hardjodikoro, Endah N Rhesa, JGTC presents: Mawar Merah Tribute to SLANK ; An All Female Ensemble, Margie Segers, Ermy Kulit, Rien Djamain and friends feat. Oele Pattiselanno, Jakarta Broadway Team, Bag Trio feat. Beat Craft, Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People, IYR (Indonesian Youth Regeneration), Ade Irawan feat. Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran, Sketsa, Nita Aartsen feat. Anda “Bunga”, Caniday, Fourtunes Fever, Suddenly September, Akordeon, Shadow Puppets, Kristian Dharma and The Kriskruise, Klab Jazz Bandung, Margo Rising Stars, 1st Impression, Voiceless & Soulastic, Madah Bahana UI Marching Band, JGTC Competition 1st, 2nd, 3rd winner, JGTC Children Workshop, and BSO Band

You can get the tickets here;
at campus FEUI depok, Aquarius, Disc tarra, Ibu Dibjo, Rajakarcis.com, Duta Suara and Tiketnonton.com
oooor, you can comment here and speak up that you want to buy the ticket presale from me :)

for further information, you can contact Jaiko at 0878 8101 5928 (for event) and Indah at 0857 1891 2988 (for ticket).

I'll be waiting for your coming, unleash the Jazz!


Ipang - Bintang Hidupku

Aku slalu bernyanyi
Lagu yang engkau ciptakan
Kau nyanyikan
Dan aku slalu ikuti
Semua cerita tentangmu


Kau... Jadi inspirasiku

Smangat hidup
Dikala aku sedih
Dikala aku senang
Disaat sendiri dan kesepian
Kau bintang di hatiku

Apapun yang kau lakukan

Baik dan buruk bagiku
Tetap indah
Tak satupun alasan
Untuk melupakanmu


Aku slalu

Berdiri mendukungmu

Dikala engkau terbang
Dikala engkau jatuh
Sampai mati
Ku kan tetap setia

Aku slalu

Berdiri di blakangmu
Di kala kau dipuja
Di kala kau dihina
Sampai mati
Ku kan tetap membela

Kau tetap bintangku

Kau superstarku 

my favorite old song for four until five years, always played in my playlist. this song remain me from my history with my two girls, which apart far away from me, Retta and Putri. but who care? i just know that we still be friends each other, still planned to meet each other, yaaa not frequently. but they are my precious friend. no one would be like us, whom together for four years! haha
and i miss you, girls. please don't think i'm not miss you because i'm just do not wall or sms, you know how lazy i am hehe.



Capek. Lemas. Letih. Lesu. Tau kenapa? karena ada satu hal yang membuat gue nggak nyaman selama di kampus. Ada satu hal. Beberapa orang yang rasanya nggak suka sama gue, tapi mau nggak mau gue harus sama mereka. Gue udah berdoa sama yang di atas, udah berusaha ngikutin saran mama, buat menghindar cari musuh atau lawan di kampus, karena itu bahaya. Tapi entah kenapa, mungkin faktor wajah atau mereka kurang mengenal gue, sehingga mereka-atau salah satu dari mereka berfikir negatif terhadap gue.

Kadang, keadaan itu bisa bikin gue tersiksa banget. Jujur aja, seumur hidup gue nggak pernah dalam kondisi begini. Kalau di ingat lagi, gue nggak pernah ketawa lepas seperti dulu sampai kehabisan napas, sampai gue ngeluarin suara bengek, dan perut kesakitan. Di sini semuanya jaga image, saling nggak percaya, berkelompok, nggak bebas, dan semaunya sendiri. Satu lagi hal yang gue nggak suka; kebanyakan dari mereka semua nggak jujur dan punya senyum palsu!!

Akhirnya, gue berani nulis hal begini di blog ini, karena gue capek nyimpen. Mau cerita juga sama siapa? Temen-temen yang lain juga ngerasa hal ini cuma perasaan gue aja. Hah, capek banget. Mau nggak mau gue terkadang ikut cara mereka bersosialisasi, dan itu nggak gue banget. Rasanya gue mau ke psikolog sama salah satu temen gue di sini, sebelum gue stress beneran :'(

ps: dinikeee, :'(


Don't read, it's junk

Killing my time and random things showed quickly. the random was about my kind of man.
old days, my friends told me that i always interest with someone named lead with F or A word. i don't know about that if it was true or nope. I think it just a coincidence.
i do and agree like someone who can play basket ball than soccer, i don't know why. maybe it just because jump and shoot were cool enough. and i really really give my eyes to someone who took his time sitting in mosque, pray, and read the Al-Qur'an, keeping his wudhu and won't to touch girl's hand. Er, something like that. I don't like someone tall, should be enough if he has height as tall as me or a lil more cm. what else? hm. he should be funny, calm, and smart. kind and love to cat also others animal- like me. would fain and don't mind about me who like to go around and not stay just in home. oh! the most important thing, he should has white skin, or yellow at least. (hahaha)

i hope, he come from Japan or England whom moeslem and likes cats :)

don't read it if you think it was junk and useless. it is my bloooog, my blooog hehe

Pinky Gathering

at 3 Nov, i invited to attend the ceremony for new comers in my board house, Pinky :)
that day was Wednesday and it was my heaviest day ever in a week, i'm going home in empty stomach and full of tired, i forgot about the invitation. when i want to go upstair in center side of building, i viewed my senior had been ready and waited for us (oow) and i looked the table also chairs had removed for the party. I said okay to senior about i will go downstairs after took a bath.. and i finally partied with all pinkers (•ˆ⌣ˆ•)
we did the introducing part, ate the cookies, ate the supper, they tricky us to show something funny, sang, ate again, and for hours or more did the police-and-crook by cards :)
and know we have known each other, i knew who is in room number 3 and 5 for example, and i knew who's like to played disco music every night very loudly :)

i thank to my mom who sent me to this boarding house, and believe in me to take care my self even Pinky is mixed-male and female boarding house. Love ya' mam

Bye Obama

the rare-invitation

so! this is it, he finally really really come to Indonesia, give general lecture in my campus, visiting the biggest mosque in Indonesia. He really did it.
I sum up his speech, cut the indonesian words which to make us interest to his speech, i got about scholarship and exchanges issues-- which really did me wow, happy incredibly. about he promise to stop the war and told about United States won't to make a war with moeslem. About the iraq, i hope he can make the promise to be real. about how great consideration and understanding between our difference in Indonesia of religion, about the culture which he likes-- sate bakso haha. I kept his promise, and not to be so blowed. There must be something hidden, you know. It's politic. Politic means everything :) we should aware. Government please be careful to make any treaty.

I just had compared our president speech with his speech which are very different in any means. First, the gesture. You may said that it just because he is not our president, but hey look! he really did wow all the people with bahasa talks, memorize about his past, he knew what we like. Our president, should make some movement like him, to pull up citizen's interest. You know, lately we have lost our belief because some issues spread. I think our president can applicant this method :)

So far, euforia still hot haha my friends in high school whom got exchange to america had give regards by hand because he stood in front. He shooted the in our local television and got interviewed. Got the shirt, and met many important person. Dozen of my college's came to and saw the speech from a far. Not bad than never. i hope Obama can hold his promises, and come back next year to Indonesia, especially UI again :)

picture from: Tifatul Sembiring and Anin :)


Again ?

Yeeey, i accepted be a family of Kompek 13th as LO 
(~‾▿‾)~~(‾▿‾~) (~‾▿‾)~~(‾▿‾~)

Welcoming Obama to Depok

Geez, if you lived here you will know how great the enthusiastic of Indonesia about the departure number one people of America, Barrack Obama. Especially the mass media. Really picturing Indonesia was, overact.
Tomorrow, the president will held the general lecture in University of Indonesia-- finally i can see my campus on my own country's tv. I can't attend because i didn't receive invitation and call from Mr. Banu-- still i hope he will call me tonight. So, i will catch up what will he says in my campus tomorrow by my notebook.

Review: The Proposal

Okay, had just finished the comedy-romantic film i rented yesterday night: The Proposal.
It was kinda cute story, strong woman against man haha. Oh, i saw the actor here looks a like my friend in campus, really really same. Uhm, i can't be a good reviewers, is it? I'm too lazy to retell the story haha. My comment is just watch it and you will laugh as me :)


This is incredibly day; i got my holiday! thanks obama.
anyway. today i with some of my friends marathon around our campus via backyard and forest kutek to get our final destination, asrama. ended with took some photos, we decided to get back to kutek by yellow bus. but, who knows that today some colleges don't get the holiday like us, so we got the wrong costume in yellow bus. just pretend okay we talk along and stop by at Kukel, ate the porridge and again took the yellow bus to our boarding house. sees like when we marathon, didn't show any security or USSS or TNI or anything scary around campus. just like usual, before Obama come.. UI is like usual. Silent and quiet, wanna have a class, bored until die in front my laptop doing the assignment.

Okay gotta go, doing the assignment, and watch a lot from rent pirates dvd :)


Why oh why

I often watched film at the movies with my friends. And sometimes they bought me the ticket freely but all the film i assure you that was a scary movies and horror or thriller. Like three days ago, i with my friend watched the movie at Pondok Indah Mall and decided to watch Boo! -i'm not who decided to watch this one thought.
Before entered the room, i knew this film is bad enough to watch. But i don't care because it was free. Oh man, my feeling was right. It was so bad, jerk creepy, and fake ghost. The story was funny enough to re-tell. Oh man, we even don't discuss the film anymore after watch it, that mean the film really bad. Again, i remembered my friend's quote that said Hollywood had a bad movies thought hahaha

One year ago, when i still a high school girl when halloween with tecchapoccie i spent my time in movies to watch Halloween film. I don't know for sure but after saw it, i felt yuck and my ears disturbed enough to hear fu*ck words so many in that film. oh! and even it haven't any halloween things like the title, so we called the film as Junk film we had watched ever -__- waste our money so wrong.

I won't to spend my money anymore for creepy movies, ever.

They in my night

I used this week balanced with studies and movies with my pavilion dv2 a bunch. in earlier, i have spent my two whole days for watching my husband's new drama titled My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and succesfull made my day brighter. The scene was so beautiful-- as usual in korean drama. Lee seung gi played with Shin min ah, the pretty actress from korea. The story tell us about Wong (Lee Seung Gi) whom always followed by Miho (Shin min ah) because she gave her bead to him for rescue him and give feedback after woong draw the nine tailed for her in the sacred-paint which had jailed her for 500 hundreds or more. Day by day fully with jokes and funny conv by them, and Miho whom doesn't know about the real world after 500 years. I was learned about shared something important and care for the others, don't do anything bad for someone who had doing bad things for us, always hope and fighting for our well-future, and believe in true love haha. Oh my.. korean drama is the best for making us believe about love is something nice but have hard side which can make us cry a lot. I were crying a lot for this one.

after ended the korean drama, i searching for japanese movie which i already interested long ago before, it titled I Give My First Love to You- you can call me that i addict for romantic genre :)
but i can't find it in Barel shops anymore, so from now on i still downloading part by part with UI's hotspot. but it will be saddest movie for next week because i've read the comic and it was so sad.

Next movie is titled Howl's castle. I got from my friend when i did the mid-test task for accounting and waited for the yellow bus. He said that he really like this one and push me to watch this film as soon as possible. Okay, after watching it, i really felt wow for the plot and story behind the film. i learned for loving someone not for their physically and act gently for anybody-include someone who had doing bad things for us. saying sorry after doing bad things, and don't feel easily to give up. the graphic is so nice, the color are soft. the sound and songs are great enough. disney pixar really did cool things :)

The third movie is Seven Pounds. Oh my.. this one really sad to watched. I felt the feeling of main actor about why he want to give his heart, eyes, kidney, and many more from his body. I knew that he want to cover his guilty feeling for making someone his loved dead. he had a really bad and scary night everyday while he slept. he want to die everyday. he even gave his own home for someone he doesn't know to make their life better. i love this film. You should watch this one :')

Okay, in my waiting list movies there are brokeback mountain, monalisa smile, i give my first love to you, maruko chan- live and dan brown's also his novels. i need the more night to spend them :)

Green Campus: Adansonia Digitata

Yesterday, in my campus had welcomed new comers from PT. Waskita Karya and Department Forest. They are called Adansonia Digitata or Baobab tree which had 240 years. They are so huge and yesterday successfull grown one leaf mean that they were alive in here. University of Indonesia as known as green campus by others because had many trees and surrounded by forest and lake. We had bicycle, yellow bus to minimalize the riders, and walking path for people who want to taking a walk way for theirs.

I really enjoyed my self to take a walk in evening after all my class over together with some of my friend, and my favourite place is lake beside the rektorat building and balairung, which i knew that place is danger. but i rarely to using the bike because i always bring heavy book on my hand -__-

issues that said rektorat will cut off some of trees in campus are disturb me hard. i won't be lost this kind of feel, the air and cloudy because many trees here. please sir, keep this trees for us. just leave it like the way they are


Does anyone care what really happened in economy train in Indonesia? I do care about this. Wanna simplify the problem, if you want to see why Indonesia took a place under Malaysia in economic and social welfare just buy the Rp 1500,- ticket from the locket and you will know the answer.

Do you know what happened in there? i'll tell you.

if you stayed away and prefer to sit in cool area in express or ac train, in economic you will stand up along the journey in train with all the paupers there :( they all asking to a thousand and hundred rupiahs for eat and buy milk for their kids, sing along the corner with their dirty shirt, many handicapped children, inviable person pass by along we go with the train.

they are beside me. around me. near me. wanted my money for they meal. i really do care, but not giving the money everyday. i just hope this view will last, i sick of it to see how ugly my country, how poor i lived in. i just always make a promise to become a person whom care about this things forever, and will fix this economic things as soon i can!


november issue

i am just interested with my friend's tweet about the happening issue now

the first issue is about the wedus gembel attacked Yogyakarta and around it with high temperature. so, university of gadjah mada got a holiday because this disaster.

the second issue is about obama will come to Indonesia and visit university of indonesia, so many said that we will get holiday because his visit.

from the first and the second, we can conclude that.. Wedus gembel = Obama :)

no offense :9

Korean Culture Days

Anyeonghaseo :)

unavoidably that korea's thingy present has become popular and more. i really excited to know many people specially in Indonesia, yelled and screamo like a crazy when they saw boyband or girlband from korea showed. I do like my past how crazy i am who always update about this thingy until became a important person for one of the biggest social community in Indonesia for Korea's world. How great i am in old days.

But now, because i do not have any time to take a look in you tube or googling and doing anything social comment and chit-chat with my overseas friend whom freak about korea like me.. i just come back become to ordinary person who just update my west song playlist. fortunately, every sunday i can see the live concert from KBS channel in my house, so i can refresh my campus activity with korea-drain haha

Anyhow, today i come to attended the Korean Culture Days in University of Indonesia, Balairung after mathematical economic business class over. With my two friends, i walking around the area and tends for searching unique things. I found SJ's light stick, Eunhyeuk big poster which standing as high as i am, the biggest hand fan ever which Kyuhyun's-my husband- handsome face printed on it, tteokbokki, ramyeon, ELF Jacket, and Hanbok!

 rubbery, spicy, and delicious :9

The tends located at outside, so in inside there were so many people-mostly young female- yelled, screamed point to the stage which is just showing the video clip from one of boy band. oh man, why are they so hysterical for this not meaning things? -__- so, i just saw them yelled and amazed for a minute. After that, i enjoyed the situation and join to dance together while my fav songs played from the stage. we really are crazy in there. we all!

i just desperate to can't find my second husband hand fan or digital printed photo-- Lee Seung Gi in every stand. Why they just sell Suju, Shinee, SNSD, DBSK, and Beast?! aaah, they are not equitable for him. Also, the culture shows are too lil than Kpop parody and cover. I hope next year, this festival will become better and included many things from real korea. Aja aja fighting!!



I had had a precious quote yesterday from one of my friend while i went with him. He shocked me until now, he realized me from my bad habit-- i should thanked him when i met. Uooh.. i really have a bad bad bad impression then.

Last night when i walked from my board house, i met someone. I don't know if it was him. Shocked again. And few hours then i got something amazing viewed when i printed my task.. and it made me hurt.

I am thinking about  changing blog's title because my whole life had changed from lastnight.