2nd Week

Hi from Pangkal Pinang, everyone!
I just finished my second week working in here and first week joined in the second team as auditor of big goverment-owned mining company in this island. and one word that could describe my feeling as their VE is WONDERFUL!
I am writing this post actually on Monday morning, still have not take a bath because I just arrived from my overhour work in Sunday. The point is I don't get any hard feeling to work with them in Sunday because the team itself was really comfortable to work with. I really enjoy going out and help them. All of them is just like my own friends (just after two days met). After all, the-very-fast-adaptation of me was really dedicated from my very kind senior associate, assistant manager, my senior manager, and last but not least my partner: second associate of this team. They are really funny, friendly, kind, and generous.
I am so happy, they are really care of me. They let me to EAT any food available there and pick my own choice of snack and drinks, even after that they will make fun of me because I eat like a fat-pig (I don't know why my appetite getting bigger after join their team, from the previous one, I just so normal and eat like a princess :p). Just then, They teased me because I told them that I have a special friend in Japan and they didn't believe me, until check my handphone, teasing me like a baby. But....... I enjoyed it anyway because that's the way to get closer in short time, even you can value it as ineffective thing of client's fund but that's valuable to strengthen our work team.
I also learned many lesson of audit, communication, negotiation. etc. And I am still searching about my theme of internship report because so many task that I have already done but it just, hmm, not a big part if you want to jot them down in your final paper. Just, please, stay pray for my graduation in this year. I really want to set this internship session as serious one because it holds my future. the report ended and I want to sleep asap because this morning I will start my day with meeting with client in this island.


1st week

Hey. I will post quick update about my intern life.

I was recruited to intern in one of big four of auditing firm and got oil and mining industries as our team client. my first client is a big multinational oil company which headquartered in main capital. Luckily, my first ever team was really great, they were so nice and gave me many advice related my final task for graduate. So, yes, I am so excited with my second team soon. I will meet my new team tomorrow and next week I will move to Bangka Belitung island to work at client's company (you can guess what company I get).

I can't wait!


Training start and end so soon.

Saturday. Thank god you make this day exist between seven days in a week. I found that I will get pleasure and me time only in this day, wherever I am, I will make my Saturday going productively and enjoyable. However, two days ago I joined my first ever training in my internship company (guess-where-it-is-like-everyone-should-has-already-known) and it's finished, wrapped up, with my head still have no idea what am I get from this latest day? But, truthfully, the latest trainer was mentored us like a speedy hell without any space in her/his words. And I bet from my observation with the trainees, most of them couldn't understand the whole program that had been taught. no blame and no offense. Those are just bold the remark that my time is reach its end, the day after tomorrow we will gather up in the office and meet our team manager and directly work soon with all of the stuff.

while I am still confused with my thesis topic, and my professor asked me to call him in Monday. I have to be strong enough  to face the wonderful Monday (6/1), later.


I already rent a room near my office with my friend. So in a mean time, I will move to Kuningan city. 
See what's life I will get on later :)



Hey. It's kinda tough lately, I have so much thought talking each other in my mind and it's a little crazy, I meant, I am crazy because stressful mind! You never know the only cure of this disease is motivation. Yes, motivation is enough to relieve your stress. Friend(s) in this case, help a lot! With their perspectives and thoughtful mind, information and sweet support could encourage you and boost your mood. I never knew that, finally, I really think I am so weak.

Even I had a conclusion that when I pay a visit to bookstore, please keep in your mind to find a good motivation book that could help me get out from this stressful minded. Yes, I am so pathetic lately. And finding some of my friends have been graduated, really really adding so much hurt but at the same time, striking me to do more faster and motivate me to more focus in my goal this year.

Uh, yeah. I have to go. Tomorrow is my first day being an intern. Wish me a tons of luck, guys!

P.S: Thank you so much for YOU, yes you whom care a lot and really like my writings until willing to visit my blog and read all of my writings. Thank you and don't forget to leave me a comment if you want to. Finding a way to keep maintain with you guys. I will write a lot from now on since many of you asked for it. Happy holiday and keep fighting!

Happy New Year 2014!

Tidak ada kata-kata yang tepat untuk menjelaskan betapa bersyukurnya gue atas kelimpahan rezeki, kesempatan, pengalaman dan pelajaran di tahun 2013 selain Alhamdulillah dan Terima Kasih. Benar-benar merupakan tahun terbaik dalam hidup gue. Di penghujung tahun, ternyata keluarga gue harus melewati masa-masa pergantian tahun dengan sedikit musibah: adik bungsu masuk rumah sakit karena gejala tipes dan mama harus sakit karena kecapaian dan salah makan. Jadilah malam tahun baru gue lewati sendirian di rumah dan sudah di atas kasur dari jam sepuluh malam. Bunyi terompet dan letupan kembang api di atas atap rumah menambah kegalauan dan kekesalan hati (masih terus mikirin skripsian dan magang yang nggak jelas kesimpulannya gimana). Jam 00.00 nggak sengaja kebangun karena suara gaduh luar biasa dari ratusan bunyi kembang api dan gue kaget (sekarang) apa yang gue lakukan pas bangun liat jam di screen handphone waktu itu: berdoa baca Al-Fatihah! (mungkin tekanan skripsi dan magang amat sangat luar biasa sampai mendorong sisi reliji gue jadi naik) dan kemudian kembali tidur.
Pagi harinya gue ada janji sama salah satu teman yang kebetulan juga magang dan skripsi, sama-sama keterima di perusahaan yang sama dalam periode yang sama, buat cari kosan bareng. Keliling daerah Kuningan selama empat jam, akhirnya kita nemuin kosan dengan harga "masuk akal", bersih, dan fasilitas lengkap. Walaupun nggak sebagus kosan yang deket kampus UI dan harga yang sangat mahal, semoga pengorbanan gue ini bisa membantu sedikit buat nambah motivasi menyelesaikan skripsi plus meningkatkan performa gue pas magang. Biar kena dua-duanya gitu, amin (bisa apa nggak ya?)
Apapun resolusi yang gue canangkan untuk tahun 2014, I do really really hope that I could be graduated in July 2014 whether with thesis or internship report. I do not care but I hope I could, at least, give my contribution to my university and my country with my last result as student.

Apapun yang akan gue lakukan setelah itu, gue janji gue akan menyempatkan waktu untuk mengunjungi Jepang atau Thailand/ Vietnam sebelum memulai jenjang karir, entah itu sebagai karyawan swasta di perusahaan konsultan, bank multinasional, perusahaan minyak asing atau pegawai negeri sipil di kementrian atau bank negara. Gue akan berusaha sekeras yang gue punya untuk membuat dan memilih jalan yang terbaik, biar kedepan gue nggak akan menyesal saat melihat kebelakang.

Apapun nanti, dan apapun itu, gue akan berusaha menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik. Yang terus berusaha belajar di setiap waktu dan detik gue lalui, entah melalui buku, kejadian, teman-teman, ataupun lingkungan. Apapun itu, gue pengen di penghujung tahun depan, gue bisa memiliki tabungan yang cukup untuk memulai hidup mandiri dan bisa kasih sedikit kebahagiaan ke keluarga, ke Papa dan Mama.

Apapun itu, pendidikan nggak akan berhenti sampai di sini aja. Gue yakin, tahun depan walaupun banyak yang harus gue lakukan, gue akan berusaha untuk menyicil keperluan serta dokumen biar bisa lanjutin studi gue ke tempat yang gue cita-citakan dari dulu, London.

Apapun itu, selalu ingat Allah dan lakukan Shalat lima waktu. Apapun itu. Karena sekeras apapun usaha dan niat, kalau yang diatas tidak memberikan ridhonya, Kun Fayakun, semuanya akan menghilang dan sia-sia. Jadi..... mari berusaha!!

Let's start our 365 pages in 2014 with full of happiness, joy and achievements! Bismillah!