Welcome to the real life, post-graduates!

Born as first child in ordinary family, it is common for me to hold back what I want to just asking for what I need. I was taught about share and be patient, about how to survive in this competitive world. One lesson which I still remember from my elementary school teacher was about even when we were still in our mom's tummy, we already compete with thousand million of sperm to be the one who could be an embryo and become the baby. I am a winner, as same as you.

Back then in campus, I was famous with some my Bffs as ambitious girls. Like everyone always try to compete with us in everything. Well, it just because of us so stands out that's why people called us ambitious, but in the brighter side, it always made me to do more and more since they indirectly made me to work harder to keep that titled always stick on me. Yet as ambitious one, I don't think that label was bad enough for a human, no?

I remember that even in canteen, we were talking about plan to join this competition, that event, those classes, and everything. I do not regret myself as ambitious one, yet I am grateful since I take this as my practice of how hard it is to survive in the real life. The competition is more harsher than you even have tried in the university, comparing with that, it does not even a glimpse. Many dramas, many lies, so much tears, you would not even can imagine it.

So guys, it's okay to be ambitious, it is okay. It is okay to be different but also indifferent. Nobody cares, nobody really listens. They just wanted to know, yet they don't event give a shit. Just live your life to the fullest, reach you dream as high as you can. Be careful and welcome to the real life for those just have graduated!

Wish me soon follow your steps for taking the masters! :)