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When I open up my eyes, I saw hand of clock was at half seven. I was in panic and ran to bathroom to get quickly shower and directly made some noodles for breakfast. After finishing my food at seven past fifteen minutes, I immediately say goodbye to my parents and ran to public motorcycle anchorage and lucky me, I arrived in my school at 7.30 exactly! Bravo pour la plésante voyage.

In there, I saw Ayunda and belongs with her went to the tradition dance class. Today was my dance exam. The exams were about Saman and hand-of-fan dance. For saman, I was sure that I can got the well-score, but for the second exam wasn’t same. I was forgotten about that dance, and my classmates in this class were same. My teacher dance was mad about this and said about “Learn this dance frequently although you all weren’t in the tradition dance class.” Hell yeah, I got 75 for hand-of-fan dance and 80 for saman. Not bad actually but I wanted the highest score like ayunda, for average score she got 8.5! weweweew


Today the sun was exactly above my head, and the temperature was VERY HOT. My hair in very bad day and also for my pony: very oily. Yikes. After traditional dance exam, I came over to Gita’s class and asked her about didn’t-go-to-NF and how-about-going-to-the-salon? And she excited with my second opinion. And we were directly go to the salon in pondok kelapa to cut our hair and got some creambath and mani pedi.


My lovely aunt suddenly call me when I creambathing in salon. I was surprised with her call, and more for her visiting to salon for pick up me. I was so happy. I really miss her and my uncle :D they invited us (me, my sister and Gita) to Ichiban Sushi. And we were spent our Saturday eve for ichi sushi. Votre cuisine est magnifique sushi pour ce soir!


From now

Please allow me to start write this blog in english from now. Maybe in this way, i can learn english smoothly and make my english going well, right?
hem, in my first uh maybe second in english, i don't know what will i speak now. by the way today i was so shame with my act. i made two or more fault(s) today. first, i blush my face in front of him, this one make me sooooo like a boiled shrimp. and next in public car, i screamed in a very loud voice because gita. ohh she was so resentfully with her act.

notes : today my group "Mexico's nachos" has done putting our Chitchen Itza for the showtable in civics education practise. i hope our made is the best then the others :))


banyak banget sebenarnya yang mau diceritain. salah satunya tentang ulang tahun gue. sayang banget gue nggak bisa cerita banyak tentang ulang tahun gue, soalnya gue udah lupa tentang hari itu. heheheeh maaf ingatan gue cepet pudar buat hal yang nggak begitu spesial :D
ngomong ngomong tentang otak, ingatan, dan pelupa. gue inget tuh waktu kapan gitu di bulan mei ini ada seminar dari GO, seminarnya heboh abis, lebay tapi menarik perhatian juga sih. gue sempet tertarik buat bergabung sama GO, tapi setelah dipikir pikir gue gabung sama yang lain aja deh. oh iya yang tentang GO itu, dia ngebahas tentang otaka dan otaki. dan gue penasaran tentang otaki yang ternyata kalau mengingat itu buat jangka pendek. jadi selama ini gue nginget sesuatu pake otaki dong! bukan otakaaaaaaaaaa
gitu deh waktu itu gue dilema. untunglah gue nggak menderita penyakit aneh aneh yang berhubungan dengan otak gue, misalnya kayak radang begoispikunismampusis. untung aja bukan