Conclusion: I am gonna marry. In the future.

No. I am not kidding.

This year had taught me many things and I had learn how real life it is.
I do not want to be so naive and closed my eyes to the reality, that I am also a human and I need someone who cares me, a lot. Even more that my family and my friends. I want to have a future, I want to share my moments with people that I really care with.

In every aspects and sides that I want to criticize, I couldn't find any bad things in marriage and couples, besides some of them would face crazy moments sometimes because misunderstanding and lack of communication. But the rest, they have many joyful moments and live your life alone will not have so much fun if you compared it with moments of many people that shared those things, together.

And, wearing those beautiful gown, dress, seeing your groom besides you and kissed each other making a promise to live together until death comes in front of prelate and our parents, that so sweet. and having a baby? ha-ha.... I know it will be hurts so much and will disturb your path and your career but I can't lie babies is the most cutest things ever in this world followed by kittens and puppies.

I am just could not find any reasons to deny my destiny to be a bride in the future. I also feel that it will be such a hell if I just live by myself for many years, it will so horrible. I, probably, will be a crazy single woman whom need many love and thirsty of guy. So dirty.

And it just so wrong in my religion perspectives.

Hah.... what should I say. I have to more be realistic person and try to, yah, find him.

 yes, I can not believe what I typed here.

Merry Christmas and Keep Calm for Thesis!

Final exam finished. Final paper finished. Organization will be finished in one month (yup, even there's still many responsibility that we have to finish). And the best part is holiday is in my hand.

I am already in holiday mode for five days, while trying to fill up this rest time with a little part-time in my campus, being a watchdog while the rest of students still have subject in their final exams. So, despite that I am already in holiday, I am still going and back to my campus, routinely. You know, it's such a relief that in fact, I am running from the reality that there's a big thing that I have to solve: THESIS.

Yes. Thesis. this one word already haunted me for a month, in my dream and in every thought that I had while I am not thinking any busy things. How come I become such a coward person like this? I have a very big plan and idea about how my thesis would be and who will be my professor, but when it comes, I just can't work it, when it hits its time, I am just delay it like forever. And I am afraid that I could not make it for next semester. I am so scared......

that the fact is I already signed my contract to be an intern with the most busiest auditor firm in this country, and I know that I will have less time to spend my time to focus in writing thesis. I should just say to myself that I could do this but I do not know why.......... I always think I can not do this and change my mind about writing this thesis.

But this thesis is one of things that could help me to gain many things in my next year plan. I have to bear with THIS THING for this semester. Whatever reasons that could come, I can handle this! For the sake of my career and my success in the future. Oh my god, please hold on your self, you can not just give up like this!!

(to be honest, today I supposed to call my professor because I promised to him to discuss about my new topic in phone but I am just can not. I think I have to be more prepare, so I will postpone it for couple of days, and will call him in January. I want to make my self more comfortable and ready with these things. I have to prepare, I have to ready. I have to have no weakness and strong when speaking with him, so he could think that I am ready with these things. And then he will allowed me to use this topic and do this things, confident with it. yes.)

I need a little time to prepare. my heart and my mind. my will and build my motivation.

So, a day after Christmas and couple of days before new year eve. I do not know what kind of plan I have in that eve, but I hope it will be fun and full of meanings. While I am running from the reality that I have to write my thesis, I am thinking about my plan next year. Considering that next year is very important year for me, many tough decisions that I have to make. Very very important year. 2014, so dangerous.

I know that fact. But two days already wasted for watching korea drama: Reply 1994. You can tell how stupid I am. Yes.. you don't have to tell me, I already knew.

But I want to fix it. I want to write my plan. Just hoping for I can execute them.

at the end, no matter how rough our path, believe that we can make it to the end. Just do not give up and keep think optimist! because God never give you a problem that way bigger than your capability, God knows it and you just have to bear it, and believe it. So, Merry Christmas everyone whom celebrate it! And can not wait to New Year post!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Fellas, May the miracle of Christmas  fill your heart with warmth and love. Christmas is the time of giving and sharing. It is the time of loving and forgiving. Here’s wishing you all the joys of the season.
Merry Christmas to Everyone!



Okay, I will make it short since I already wasted my time because do not how to make a good essay for my final paper, and now already the time to make it into real essay (but still escape from that and write in my blog).

I would like very thank you for my self *respect your own self, it's important* and of course my parents because of their blessings and support could make me through all of these obstacles. I just had a very wonderful year in my life!

I was turning into 20 this year, with received so much love and prays from my family and friends. and I also have ended my last year in bachelor study this year (and I hope I could get straight A's for the result). And the most achievement is that I can participate in international conference and nailed international competition not so long ago (yeah!!) those already written in my bucket list and I fulfilled it with many efforts.

I also (finally) stepped my feet in SOUTH KOREA! backpacking with my best friends, experienced the country and do extraordinary things while in there. Also I experienced my first flight this year to Singapore and Malaysia (for free) and attended many international exhibition. I do not know but my Japanese friends this year add so much and I hope it is the signal for me that my dream to go to Japan more closer by the end of this year.

Like a couple days again I will end this wonderful year and start my new journey in 2014, I want to utilize it properly. I want to plan my next year so carefully so I won't disappointed when the year has been passed.

and just for a sneak peek, what I want to achieve and through in 2014:

1) Direct hiring from my internship company
2) Finish my thesis in May 2014 with unique topic and strong defence
3) Graduated in July 2014
4) Visit Japan in August 2014
5) ASEAN bacpacking (solo or trio) in October 2014
6) Working and working~
7) November 2014 start my own business
8) Got a scholarship invitation at the end of 2014

can I do all of that? I HOPE I COULD!! SO MUCH NERVES AND I WANT TO SLEEP JUST THINKING OF THEM. many things to do and just have a little time, oh no.

God please be with me :')


Plastic Surgery for cosmetic reason? come on, get a life!

Today I should finish my thesis proposal writing but in the half way, I was disturbing in some pics on kpsurgery.co that so many people go to surgeon asked to have some works onto their faces, their beauty faces. and I am just like "holy shit what's happened with their mind?!"

since plastic surgery in South Korea already like a trend and South Korea itself claimed their beautician is the best nowadays in the world, even the government made a special route for tourist whom visit Korea to get a plastic surgery in Korean Culture Tourism site. And it is awesome yet crazy because they make it so wrong.

I believe everyone has their own natural beauty. Some people do not have because they was born with weakness like harelip or after accident in their face. Those people DO need plastic surgery so they could live like normal people or get back their old face. but some people who are not grateful for what God already gifted to them and do not want to struggle in natural way to get what they wanted is like unfair.

and I just think.. after you have worked in your face and when you looked at the mirror, your face is not like the one from who are you when you were a little, the face that god gifted to you, the face that looks similar with your mother and father, even those big nose and small eyes, you look pretty and handsome at your own way. you do not have to get those painful for months just to become another person in the mirror.

if you do all of those stuffs for uprising your self-confidence, then you just need your friends, your parents, and yourself to give you support and build your confidence, do not mind people judgment because you are you! they do not have any right to judge a person only from its cover. Because I believe, every person has his/her own beauty, you just could not find it yet, because you have to be patient and when it comes to surface, you will be proud of your patience and effort :)

some pics of people who got plastic surgery for beauty reason

anyway, I think that South Korea women and men only value people for their appearance, is that true? because the trend so happening nowadays in there, even I was like confused whether these women or those guys really beautiful/handsome or just get some works done on theirs when I was in South Korea couples month ago. and it was like funny to think they are beautiful but their kids will get their old face when it was born. I know it leads me to do rude articles, please forgive me. but all I wanted to typed is South Korea people have to judge a person not only from their looks but also their inside, like heart, talents, and smarts. It will so scary if couple years again all of Korean will look all the same (moon half eyes, V chin, high bridge nose, straight eyebrow, and etc) and guys will find natural beauty is all they wanted. before it's too late, you have to think hundreds time to get some works on your face ya! ;')

ps: I am praying for Koreans and a lot of people who get worked on their face. today and couple years from now you are pretty but you do not know what will happen ten years from now with your face since human could not make similar things like God had created. There must be side effect from plastic surgery, and I hope you guys will be OK. But one sentence is enough to explained that plastic surgery for beauty reasons is only waste your money, since GENES WON'T LIE :)

that's that.


Change: Healthy lifestyle

It will be long article if I wrote the reason of my changes in details, so I leave it and just want to tell you guys the part of fun of this changing in my life!

I have some changes in my routine activity. back then, exercising and running are just words that never would I did but now, at least in a week I will do running and yoga to make my body more fit and healthy. I also change my eat habit. I already do not eat rice for my breakfast and just eat a spoon of rice in my lunch. I change my rice with another carbohydrate such as wheat bread or smashed potatoes and eat bunch of vegetables of fruits. I also add volume water those goes in my body each day like minimal I will drink 2 liters water, because I have tight schedule and activities in campus. Plus climate in Jakarta (hot) demanding me to do that more.

I am not seeking my weight will decrease with all of those stuff but my goal is to be more healthy. I am just feel my body is much more easy to move and I have more focus in class even I think I need more adaptation for all of those stuff since much of changes I applied, like no rice and exercising in same time.

the fun things despite of decreasing my plate portion is YOGA! I do love yoga even I am willing to spend like hundred thousands rupiah to but the mattress, that showing my self of my commitment in doing yoga. Now I am planning to join Yoga community around my home so I could do yoga more and networking at the same time.

In yoga itself, I find myself hard to do it since my body categorized as stiff and inflexible. but I am very proud after done around 4 times yoga, I could do sun salutations and dog pose easily, and now I am addicted with yoga!! I will practise it every morning before go to campus.

my family also support my new habit, since mom has to maintain dad's food free from fat and excessive sugar, now we have orange juices, oat crackers, low fat milk, soya less sugar milk, spinach, apples, wheat bread, salmon in our fridge and menu list everyday. Yummy and of course, more healthy!

I will come back for the details, see you!

I could do this position like for 3 minutes, since it is so comfortable


another one

Hi, World.

Life is getting hard on me, again. And you know the reason why I am writing here tonight, since no one willing to hear my problem as much you.

It’s just simple hesitation in me nowadays, that I found hard to find a friend to accompany me to do anything since my sister left me going to reach her dream to be a doctor. Like the condition I have now made me think "am I should find a boyfriend so I do not have pleased each of my BFF to accompany me where I want to have someone walk with me?” yes. I have though in that way, and that’s a disaster.
But, I do not want to have one at this time.

And I chose rather to walk alone or if I were lucky, some of my friend willing to go with me. Ah, what-a-life. But thinking of this way, it seems scary if later when I am getting older and all of my friends are busy with their family, who will I call to accompany me but husband or boyfriend? Even my sisters and mom will have their own things.

Should I buy cat or dog when I am getting older? I know they will help me get warm hugs and kisses. Nice!


Happy Eid Al-Adha 1434 H, everyone!

(made by Ismi - Ecomedia BOE)

On Eid, wish that Allah graces with a shower of happiness, love and divine blessings.



Lagi. Aku rasa aku kehilangan pegangan, juga arah tujuan.
Bukannya aku lemah atau tidak berdaya, tapi sosok dirimu memang bersinar paling terang dalam kegelapan jati diriku. Memandangmu memberikan aku kekuatan untuk hidup dan bermimpi. Setiap katamu selalu membuatku terperangah, takjub akan rangkaian logika dan asa yang kau torehkan di setiap langkahmu.
Dan itu semua bagaikan virus bagiku, menular, dan merusuk ke sanubariku.

Hingga aku tidak bisa melupakanmu, semua gerakanmu.

ketika kamu hilang, aku benar-benar tidak tahu harus kemana.
aku benci mengakui kalau aku lemah tanpamu. aku terus membohongi isi hati bahwa aku kuat, aku tegar. tapi mataku terus mencari sosok rapuh-tapi-kuat mu disetiap langkahku menyusuri kampus. jejaring sosial terus memberikan kabar terbarumu yang heroik. hati kecilku terus teriris, betapa lemahnya.

aku terus berusaha melupakanmu. terus sangat berusaha keras.
karena yang aku ingat bahwa menggapaimu hanyalah bisa bila aku bisa menjadi wanita hebat pula.
dan aku sadar, bahwa diriku yang saat ini masih sangat jauh dari kata hebat, tidak pantas disandingkan dengan dirimu.

mungkin, ini hanyalah posting curhat sementara. karena malam ini dirimu sangat luar biasa.
aku terjangkit virusmu lagi. lemah seketika.


You called it

I am just human. You are also a human, so you whom read my writing right now do not have a right to judge me as a naive human or so-ever you call me. I just want to express my feeling right now cause if I tweeted this, I just make my beloved followers timeline flooded with my shitty bullshit things. Yes, I am not in a very good mood but I am very in a passionate energy. Yes.

This evening when I just came back from campus, the day was fulled with tough discussions with my best friends. One of them talking about ex-boyfriend and love life and the other one talking about travelling and principle (which is the toughest one). I feel like, what a things to be discussed after class, but this is the time that rare time to talking those themes with them. After talking from A to Z, I realized that I need something to change myself, which is the only one who have it is me. I know, I have to take an action to make my plan to become true so I will not always full of regrets in the rest of my campus life. Since in their conversation, I always look that they have something that I do not have it yet and I want it (yes, this thing that you called ego), I want to be perfect as I can, I want to make my life more better than now since I do not know that mine can called as good if compare with some of my friend's life.

Now I promise. Plan, action, and learn. Remember this is the golden chance that you won't miss it :)


blah blah

well. I'm back with a huge lonely feeling to write on in this page. so much win, huh? because finally I have a desire to write again in this blog. this summer, again, I am doing nothing and regret every second I have passed because of so much time I wasted. If I looked back, it doesn't really such a waste. But when I looked it very clearly, that's me whom been an actor, doing it occasionally to wasting my time. and without a shame to remember after done that. Why did I become so shameless person? Am I being a nuts to waste my precious time? Yes, I think now I am crazy, enough to be called a crazy person. I have so much things to do that I have been planned on my mind. But there's nothing of them I execute. I am just lied down and watched every movies and reality shows that I saved in my laptop, or went to campus for some doing research that I never wanted to do.. or googling some crazy stuff and got back nothing. and of course, never going back here to prevent any dramatically stuff to write on. Yes, those all activities that I have been done in a whole month. It such a waste, huh?!

Okay. so what's happened now until I decided to come up here? is there anything wrong? (looks like, again, I made a dialogue in my writing, I have been such a lonely person in this holiday) and the answer is Yes. So big Yes. Before that, I have to put some, brief prologue: my sister is welcomed to being a doctor in Universitas Andalas. And my whole family is busy preparing for her. that's it. It's started from there. I didn't mention that I envy her or anything bad, not at all. Honestly, I am a proud sister! Who the hell will desperate if one of your family will become a great doctor someday? are you crazy? I am happy! -- at the first. but some events that following that day is becoming so hurt badly for me. My parents seem tough to say good-bye for my sister and knowing the truth that they will just live with their rude daughter. And I am also will miss her badly because most of the things in my life getting shared with her. she's like part of myself, we often called a twin sister because of our likely face. but, I don't know, maybe because of my rudeness and impolite act made my parent so much angry and decided to blame me on everything, even they wished me for sooner to get a job and etc that wishing me for leave this house. I know I was growing become a rude person in my family. If I came down, my family act so weird, they often laugh or talking. But when I'm gone, they start to talk and laugh each other. I see it's better to keep they happy without me. I know it exactly. But when you know that, you become so much hurt.. because you know that no one in this world wanted you, wanted you with them.

I committed to live alone in this live. this commitment makes my ego getting bigger and bigger every single day have passed. but, I also always thinking about it every second I had, that if it was right to made those decisions? I'm not like any other person whom care enough to debate on belief system you had or any because I already satisfied with I had. But when it comes to getting married (and because I'm getting my 20s about months again) or living in this world, the couples, and commitment, it's really filling my head and sometimes took your time. I don't blame my family to made me become a person like now, but I wish if I lived with a respect manner, beauty words, not-angry daddy, sweet sister, wonderful brother, and fair mother.. maybe I will not come to this decision. Maybe a family is a great picture to come with, maybe I will have some boyfriend in this age. Old people said, "past is a past, what's been done is never can be fixed" but I believe we could fix it, in some other way.

Oh, God. Give me your strength.


How To Schedule Your Day For Peak Creative Performance

(repost from Amber Rae's article in here)

About four years ago I started working for myself. I wanted the freedom and flexibility to own my schedule and the space to bring my ideas to life.
One of the biggest challenges was structuring my time so I was fully experiencing the benefits of working for myself while also being as creative and productive as possible. At first, the idea of systems and planning made me cringe. I felt like they would hold back my creative potential. Eventually, organization and effectiveness challenges pilled up and I decided to give structure a try.
I wondered:
How do I balance client service with working on my own ideas?
How do I avoid interruptions that mess with my creative flow?
How do I stop putting off the stuff I hate but still have to do?
In my first attempt, I mapped out my day hour by hour, squeezing in all the elements of what I defined as an "ideal day." After a few weeks, I ended up feeling like a robot and the predictability was anything but inspiring.
That's when I decided to zoom out and think more about the categories of an ideal day and how I can batch my time to be most effective.
My problem became more clear: How do I make sure I'm getting stuff done, taking care of myself, making time from for play, and actively pushing myself outside my comfort zone?
That's when I developed a framework called "Work, Play, Fit, Push." Hanging from my wall, it looks like:
Here's how it works:
1. Set priorities on Sunday.
Every Sunday, I sit down and map out my week. Instead of defining the hour-by-hour of each day, I outline my weekly priorities and what I want to have accomplished by the following Sunday.
2. Map out work, play, fit, and push.
Work: For each day, I outline my "Top 3," meaning the three most important things I will have accomplished by the end of the day. Sometimes I'll map out the entire week on Sunday because my priorities are super clear. Other times, I'll decide on my Top 3 on a day-by-day basis.
Play: I've found that play enables me to self-express, reflect, and give my ideas space, which shows up positively in my work. Making time to create art, get into nature, go on photo walks, read poetry, skip down sidewalks and the like puts me in a constant state of curiosity and flow.
Fit: Movement keeps ideas moving forward so I aim to move my body for at least 30 minutes each day.
Push: Since learning and growth is important to me, I do something that scares me (almost) every day. This may be asking someone whom I deeply respect for an interview or writing about a topic that makes me feel vulnerable.
3. Batch your days.
Batching actions into specific days and creating time for creativity has been a huge gamechanger for me. Here's how I break down my schedule.
CREATE on Monday/Wednesday/Friday: I create holes in my schedule for thinking and creating. On these days, instead of thinking about how to spend my time in advance, I pay attention to my body and take breaks as needed.
CALLS and MEETINGS on Tuesday/Thursday: When possible, I avoid phone calls and meetings because I find them typically unproductive and often easy to solve via email. I set aside three hours on Tuesday and Thursday for meetings, and once these spots are filled, I say no. There are, of course, occasional exceptions.
"Hate you but have to do you" is saved for Wednesday morning: Things like paying bills, clearing out my email inbox, and the like, take up just one morning.
SPONTANEOUS Saturday: With so much structure, I make room for spontaneity. On Saturday, I let go and go where the day takes me. Balancing structure with a day of free-spiritedness makes me feel whole.
INTENTIONAL Sunday: Plan for the week ahead.
Above all, when it comes to reaching peak creative performance, it's all about experimenting to figure out what works best for you.
How do you get to peak creative performance? Tell me about it in the comments below.
[Image: Flickr user Rodrigo Soldon]

 I found this article help me a a lot for time management and balancing your life. So I decided to spread this useful information in my blog, for my friends to know about it. Spread it and don't forget take the credit with it :)


Holiday: no intern, all by myself

It's been a hard week for me already, for a start of holiday. I have to accept that I have no obligation being a worker in this summer holiday, or should we called Internship duty. It just me whom made it so messy and too picky so it ended up like this. I won't blame myself for this little problem (yes, I called it problem) but me is the problem. I, sort of, am a little pessimist in the way I look myself after that happened and I'm on my down-turn cyclical. My friends, accepted in many great company and tweeting their experience or moment that made me jealous (yes, jealous). But I, then, prefer to not care about it, and just doing all the best in this holiday moment as me-myself moment (yes, that are rare if it's during study period).

So, I have planned many things for this three month. I have saved much money for my Korea trip this summer and before that I am planning to get a little productive day to make myself not really hate this holiday for being unproductive one. Yes, I want to enjoy my time study accounting again by myself. I know I really weak at accounting theory and based, so before I graduate, I have to be ready with all of these things. and then I want to sharpen my English skill with more practice and a little studying, and planning to get a test for a challenge for myself. I also want to do some city trip with my foreign friends that come to Jakarta. I voluntarily being their guide as their staying in here since I'm so that free, hahaha.

And the best part is in this fasting period, I will learn how to cook from the best chef in the world: my mom! I also already registered my self on a gym and yoga class. have planned to doing vegetarian so I will reduce meat and fish. And also, I will spend more time with my lovely Kyla that growing bigger since she already an elementary student <3 a="" i="" m="" p="" proud="" sister="">
that's all and I'm very happy!!
because not all of experience and money can make you happy for a holiday, isn't it?


Sell ticket concert of Supershow 5 Indonesia

I feel like want to talk with someone but it seems it comes out at the wrong time. Yes, I am facing the hardest time in this semester, THE FINAL EXAM period. Well, you must know my routinity to be so stressed out with all of the deadline and material that I have studied.

I made a crazy decision about three weeks ago. I bought one ticket concert of supershow, Super Junior in Indonesia and now I regret that decision. I am suffering to spend my time whether I have to study or doing assignment. Whether I should study while queuing to redeem my ticket concert or just sold the ticket.

I did posting a thread at one of the largest forum in Indonesia about my plan to sell the ticket but people rather afraid to buy so expensive ticket. I did really a crazy decision back then now I suffered!!


1st time marathon around neighborhood

Morning, busy people! This Sunday morning is definitely beautiful one since I started it with good activity! You know what? After about three months do not exercise and running, my body gettibg weaker and sress easily attack me but yesterday I invited mom and dad to join me marathon tomorrow morning, they agreed and we really did it!

Whoa, firsly to separated with your bed is one of a kind and it was heavy thinga to do. But with yelling from Mom, I successfully to move out into bathroom. Then after finished prepare with exercise suit, we took a ride to BKT, a name of exercise park near my house. We reached the scene and I amazed with how many people already gathered around 6 AM and have running, also exercising, taking a deep breath. It was really a peaceful scene of my life. The best part when you take a running, you enjoyed it and behind you there were many cars queueing front of traffic light and seemed hurt because have to catch a deadline to deal. And I was happy, very happy to proud of can spare a little time doing me things, with my body that have a long time I don't care to.

So fellas, have a really great nice weekend! Let's exercise next time for your health ♥


Self-esteem, what's that?

About two days ago, I met old friend in my class and suddenly we made appointment to lunch together. Since my class was cancelled and I didn't know what should I do to spent it, I decided to follow her and join her lunch. Well, that's a good decision I've made for that day, because I kinda miss her and also surprised to hear many things personally that had been long time I never talk to with friend. Sort of.

The point is, it seems like I have made a rank for everyone and I set the loweat point for myself. That's I got from my conf with her couple days ago. She kinda suprised how I value myself and I kinda shock how selfish I am. The fact is I don't really that bad and I should be more confident about my will and power. I don't know what exactly happened with me but I promise to make it like those old days, that I am very very proud of myself, so I can do anything rightly fabulously.

[The first time writing post while in train, supplemental]

Konsep berbagi sebagai salah satu faktor untuk menurunkan tingkat kemiskinan di Indonesia

Sudah sekian lama tinggal di Jakarta membuat gue kebal dengan pemandangan orang meminta-minta dijalan, kakek nenek yang terlantung-lantung di kereta atau anak kecil yang tidur di pinggiran jalan. Setiap kilometer berjalan bisa dipastikan kita bisa menemukan mereka di Jakarta. Tidak jauh dari mereka, bisa dilihat orang kaya dengan mobil mewah atau rumah super besar, anak kecil yang bermain gadget mahal, atau restoran yang menjual makanan mahal. Pemandangan itu merupakan tanda yang mudah kita kenali sebagai kesenjangan, dan di Jakarta pada tahun 2012 berdasarkan survey yang dialkukan BPS, tingkat kesenjangan antara si Kaya dan si Miskin semakin lebar. Walaupun si Miskin mengalami peningkatan pendapatan, tapi peningkatan pendapatan si Kaya melebihi si Miskin hingga berkali-kali lipat.

Sebenarnya konsep pemerataan pendapatan sudah dilakukan oleh negara dengan banyak cara melalui konsep pajak dan adanya bantuan seperti subsidi dan program bantuan berupa beasiswa dan jaminan kesehatan, pendidikan, dan usaha. Tapi mengapa tingkat kemiskinan di Indonesia layaknya ilalang di halaman rumah, tebas sedikit tapi tumbuh seribu? Mengapa tingkat kemiskinan di negara kita walaupun mulai menurun namun rentan bila garis kemiskinan di geser sedikit ke kanan ($/PPP)?

Setelah mengikuti kelas Perekonomian Indonesia di semester ini, sebenarnya pemerintah sedang menjalani program untuk mengatasi masalah kemiskinan ini. Subsidi BBM misalnya, konsep dasarnya adalah untuk menurunkan jumlah si Miskin dengan tidak langsung berkontribusi menurunkan biaya transportasi dari bahan makanan sehingga harga makanan diharapkan juga ikut turun dan mudah dijangkau. Sayangnya, konsep dan model terkadang tidak semudah itu dijalankan si kenyataan. Terlalu banyak asumsi ceteris paribus yang digunakan sehingga pemberian subsidi BBM tidak layak lagi dilanjutkan. Mengapa gue berpikir demikian?

Dalam keranjang belanja konsumsi si Miskin yang digunakan sebagai dasar penetapan garis kemiskinan, ternyata biaya transportasi, seperti ongkos angkot atau BBM hanya sebesar 7% dan yang paling besar adalah beras dan bahan makanan pokok lain seperti cabai dan bawang berturut-turut sebesar 29% dan 28%. Bisa dilihat bahwa bagi si Miskin, mau BBM naik atau tidak, bukan menjadi perhatian dan pikiran. Yang penting 'saya bisa makan hari ini' lah yang menjadi concern mereka. Walaupun begitu, memang dalam kelompok rata-rata penduduk, proporsi transportasi dari pengeluaran masyarakat mencapai 19% sehingga kenaikan harga BBM akan lebih terasa efeknya.

Sebagai warga negara yang setiap hari dipaksa berpikir dan masih memiliki jiwa idealis, seenggaknya kita sebagai manusia bisa loh berpartisipasi dalam rangka membantu si Miskin agak tenang hidupnya. Well, beda dengan kita yang tiap hari stress memikirkan tugas dan nilai akhir, buat mereka urusan perut adalah problematika yang harus dihadapi sendirian. Menurut Suahasil Nazara dalam salah satu kuliahnya, ada tiga cara yang sering dilakukan si Miskin untuk bertahan hidup: 1) Berhutang, 2) Jual aset, dan 3) Menurunkan tingkat konsumsi alias nggak makan.

Apalah daya karena keterbatasan dana dan waktu, gue sebenarnya miris banget lihat anak-anak dan jompo mengemis di jalanan atau stasiun dan kereta ekonomi. Dengan konsep pemikiran serta kreativitas, sebenarnya kita bisa bantu mereka. Di sini gue pengen mengajak para generasi muda untuk menanamkan sikap berbagi dengan si Miskin untuk membantu mereka bertahan hidup. Berbagi bukan hanya dengan uang loh, tapi dengan makanan! Caranya mudah banget, kalau kalian lihat anak kecil atau jompo minta-minta, jangan berikan uang tapi berikanlah roti, susu, atau nasi bungkus. Hal ini bisa menghindari mereka untuk membeli rokok atau miras yang jauh dari maksud baik kita memberikan uang. Jadi dengan berkurangnya satu masalah, uang yang mereka punya bisa digunakan untuk hal lain seperti kesehatan atau pendidikan.

Memberikan makanan memang bukan solusi efektif untuk langsung menurunkan tingkat kemiskinan, menurut gue pendidikan memang hal yang utama agar dapat memutus lingkar setan tersebut. Dengan dua konsep ini, uang yang mereka miliki bisa digunakan untuk hal lain yang lebih bermanfaat dan tidak digunakan pada hal-hal yang tidak bermanfaat.

Selain bisa membantu mereka mengurangi permasalahan hidup, kita juga bisa meningkatkan kebahagiaan kita! Kok bisa? Iya, soalnya dengan melihat senyum atau mendengar kata terima kasih mereka, secara nggak sadar diri kita bereaksi dan terjadi reaksi kimia dalam diri, sehingga tingkat stress berkurang dan preventif penyakit berat seperti jantung. Hebat kan? Jauhnya, dan buat yang agamis, hal ini juga bisa bantu kita masuk surga secara bisa nabung pahala.

Dengan berbagi makanan yang kita punya kepada si Miskin, seenggaknya kita mahasiswa bisa turut andil dalam partisipasi perbaikan ekonomi negara. Yok dijadikan kebiasaan, lebihkan membeli makanan untuk diberi kepada sesama :)


Last chapter and new hope

Baru sekali ini gue sedih karena selesai mata kuliah. Biasanya gue bakal senang karena bisa nyelesain kuliah lebih cepat, jadi ada waktu lebih buat belajar UAS. Tapi nggak, dua mata kuliah ini malah bikin gue segalau-galaunya dan sedih karena nggak bisa lagi denger pemikiran luar biasa dosennya. Sesedih itu.

Gue pernah cerita, kalau gue senang banget kuliah hari Senin di semester ini karena ada dua mata pelajaran yang diajar oleh dosen yang sama, namanya Bapak Handowo Dipo. Universe should know this amazing person that giving breakthrough in the dark side of teaching method of FEUI. Walaupun terkadang pemikirannya sangat bersifat ekstrimis dan memunculkan banyak pro-kontra di kelas, tapi disitulah kelas hidup, kami hidup. Memang perubahan sistem pengajaran yang dibawa oleh Pak Handowo Dipo (sebut saja HD) tidak bisa langsung diadaptasi oleh kami yang sudah lama diajarkan cara belajar 'menerima segala jawaban' dari kecil. Di kelas ini, Pak HD selalu bertanya, bertanya, bertanya, walaupun dijawab sunyi. Tapi gue yakin kita semua dikelas menjawab dalam hati dan pikiran kita berputar, berimajinasi menjawab pertanyaan luar biasa pak HD.

Sebenarnya, gue pengen menuliskan setiap pemikiran yang dia antarkan ke kelas di blog ini. Tapi sayang, waktu sangat tidak memungkinkan. Tapi untuk dua kelas pertemuan terakhir, gue pengen mengingatnya terus sampai besar nanti, ajaran penting dan dasar dari setiap pertemuannya.

Dosenku ini punya karakter dan cara pandang yang beda. Di kelas, beliau selalu memulai kelas dengan pertanyaan atau memutarkan video untuk kami amati, apa yang bisa diambil dari video tersebut. Beliau selalu menjelaskan suatu hal dengan tulisan di buku-buku dan artikel bagus serta tokoh inspiratif, misalnya Steve Jobs atau Warren Buffet. Mendengarkan beliau memaparkan kisah dan cerita di depan kelas dari artikel yang gue juga bertanya dapat dari mana info tersebut. Setiap akhir kelas selalu membuat otak gue meluap-luap penuh dengan hal baru.

Beliau tidak pernah terlambat sekalipun di kelas. Selalu datang setengah jam lebih cepat di kelas, ini agak sulit buat gue yang pulang pergi dan kelasnya yang jam 08.00, dipastikan gue selalu datang terlambat. Mungkin beliau kesal atau kecewa, pernah suatu ketika menasehati kelas (dan gue ngerasa itu buat gue) bahwa telat menandakan tidak profesional dan komitmen pada kelas, menandakan ketidakseriusan, susahnya untuk bisa dapat nilai bagus apabila tidak ada niat dari diri. Jleb.

Beliau selalu menegaskan akan hal profesionalisme dan komitmen pada hal yang kita jalani, dalam salah satu pertemuan, beliau mengajarkan agar kami memilih pekerjaan yang kami cintai dari hati dan dia berusaha menerangkan konsep 'ekstrimis' dimana hindarilah ikut-ikutan atau sesuatu yang mainstream, karena hal tersebut tidak mungkin bisa menjadi sesuatu yang merubah sistem. Beliau pernah menantang kami melakukan hal ekstrim demi nilai A. "Buat yang wanita, yang minggu depan datang dengan kepala botak akan dapat nilai A dan yang laki-laki bila datang dengan rok dan hak tinggi seharian, langsung dapat A!", tentu tidak ada yang berani, mana mungkin haha. Maksud dalamnya adalah, beliau ingin salah satu dari kami kelak bisa menjadi agen perubahan di negara, menjadi orang yang bisa berdiri sendiri, independent, dalam berkarya dan menghasilkan uang. Bukan hanya menjadi budak korporat yang tidak bisa menunjukkan kualitas individual dan kepintaran dan harus patuh kepada aturan perusahaan, dia ingin kami mencari potensi lainnya selain hal-hal normatif di buku pelajaran, mengembangkan potensi tersebut, lalu dipadukan dengan apa yang telah kami pelajari dari FEUI, agar kelak bisa menjadi orang yang mempunyai nilai dan dihargai di komunitas. Begitulah (ingatnya bikin merinding lagi).

Beliau pernah satu sesi kelas memutarkan video klip Noah, Pink, Black Eyed Peas yang dibandingkan dengan Ari Lasso dan Stinky. Maksud beliau untuk menekankan kreatifitas dan imajinasi, artistik, adanya kemampuan yang susah dimiliki oleh banyak orang, dan profesionalisme serta kerja keras yang digambarkan oleh konser Pink (nyanyi sambil akrobat) hingga akhirnya konser tersebut sukses dan menjadi buah bibir dimana-mana. Kerja keras, profesionalisme.

"Jazz vs Dangdut. Perusahaan Jazz yang mana, dan yang dangdut yang mana?" dua-tiga pertemuan sering sekali beliau bertanya hal tersebut. Ya, beliau bilang Jazz adalah musik dimana tidak memerlukan visualitas, yang dihargai adalah kualitas dan artistiknya nada. Lalu beliau memutarkan video Ratu Jazz, yang sebelumnya menantang kami, "Siapa yang bisa meniru video yang akan Aku putar? langsung Aku beri nilai A" kata Pak HD. Untunglah tidak ada yang maju, bener-bener baru tahu ada penyanyi jazz sekeren Ella Fitzgerald, yang bisa memainkan alunan jazz lewat mulutnya. Sehabis itu, beliau memutar video dangdut dengan volume maksimal si Lina Marlina, wah sekelas langsung heboh. Pada intinya, setelah itu beliau memaparkan bahwa di perusahaan dengan konsep dangdut, kualitas individual kami tidak akan bisa terlihat, seberapapun pintar kita, akan tunduk oleh peraturan perusahaan dan atasan. Berbeda dengan perusahaan Jazz yang menghargai kualitas dan mendorong untuk mengembangkan potensi. Nah, beliau berkesimpulan kecenderungan perusahaan besar bersifat dangdut. Salah satu perusahaan terkenal yang berkonsep Jazz adalah Ferrari.

Juga kerap beberapa kali beliau membandingkan universitas kami yang tercinta, dilihat dari kode etiknya dengan salah satu kode etik institut terbaik di Bandung. Beliau menilai, dari segi kualitas sudah dapat tercermin dari kode etik yang dibuat, bagaimana universitas tersebut. UI dinilai masih kurang baik dalam membuat kode etik, intinya begitu. Lalu dibandingkan lagi dengan bagaimana University of Yale dalam menuliskan filosofi dan cara belajar mereka. Dia mendorong kami di kelas untuk belajar akan hal-hal dasar seperti menulis, quantitative reasoning, dan ilmu bahasa asing sebagai ilmu yang benar-benar dipegang. Sedangkan pelajaran seperti Bisnis Global (yang beliau ajarkan) harusnya hanya dipahami cara pikir penulisnya, informasinya, jangan dihafal mentah-mentah karena informasi dan hal yang tertulis dalam buku tersebut hanyalah 1/sekian dari yang terjadi di kenyataan. Beliau selalu menekankan agar kami dapat berpikir secara kritis dan kreatif, melihat dari berbagai sisi dan berpikir ala Sunao Mind. Jangan langsung mencari jawaban dari pertanyaan, tapi mempertanyakan pertanyaan yang ditanyakan, yang kemudian baru dijawab pertanyaan tersebut. Jawaban yang muncul lalu harus dipertanyakan lagi sehingga pada akhinya benar-benar tidak bisa dipertanyakan., itulah yang disebut berpikir. Quesioning everything.

Ah, satu lagi. Identik dengan begitu pintarnya figur beliau, sudah tertebak dan jelas tentu beliau mempertanyakan akan konsep agama dan tuhan. Ada beberapa pertemuan beliau menjadikan Islam sebagai salah satu bahan diskusi, kami diajak untuk mempertanyakan hal-hal yang sudah wajar di Islam, beliau mengajak kami melihat dari lingkup yang luas dan dari sisi yang berbeda, berimajinasi mengkondisikan kondisi. Pada akhir kelas, beliau tidak menyatakan islam benar atau salah, luar biasa. Di akhir pertemuan ini, beliau menceritakan perjalanannya yang telah membaca sekian banyak buku dan informasi, dan menyimpulkan agama yang menurutnya benar adalah Buddha dan mendoakan kami (walaupun jarang berdoa dengan kepercayaannya yang lama) dengan tangan dikepal agar kami semua sukses dalam kehidupan. God bless you, sir!

Juga, beliau membahas salah satu hal yang menurut gue sangat-sangat-sangat sensitif bagi gue pribadi. "Menurut kalian, selama pertemuan dari awal hingga akhir, apa Aku menjelaskan hal-hal yang bias gender?" secara tiba-tiba kemarin. Salah satu diantara kami, menjawab iya, karena beliau pernah mengajarkan profesionalisme, pembagian waktu 24 jam untuk pekerjaan dan keluarga, dimana profesionalisme dan komitemen untuk 24 jam pekerjaan tidak mungkin dilakukan oleh wanita. Beliau menyatakan betul, tanpa dia sadari, memang hal yang telah diajarkan sulit untuk diterapkan oleh wanita, karena hakikatnya untuk mengurus anak dan suami serta dapur. Sehingga, wanita yang bisa menjajaki puncak karir, antara memilih untuk meninggalkan keluarga atau tidak menikah (dan langsung membuat gue melek, karena pilihan kedua adalah pilihan yang sudah lama gue pilih). Menurut beliau, wanita hebat bukanlah yang bisa menduduki jenjang karir tertinggi dan kaya, lalu suami yang berada di dapur ataupun yang tidak menikah. Namun wanita hebat, adalah wanita dibalik lelaki yang hebat, yang bisa mendorong lelaki tersebut untuk hebat, seperti penulis Ang Lie yang terpuruk namun istrinya mampu memotivasi dan mencari nafkah bagi Ang Lie, hingga akhirnya Ang Lie mampu bangkit dan sukses. Personally, hal ini membuat gue berpikir lagi akan keputusan kekanak-kanakan dan keras kepala tentang tidak menikah dan hidup sendiri.

Lalu, beliau menanyakan "Menurut kalian, apa yang sebenarnya harus kalian kejar di dunia ini dengan apa yang kalian pelajari selama ini selain uang?" kami menjawab kebahagiaan dan kenikmatan, beliau menampik bahwa semua hal tersebut sama saja dengan uang. Lalu beliau menjelaskan bahwa pada akhirnya, kami harus mengutamakan kesehatan. Karena dari tubuh yang sehat, maka kami bisa berusaha keras, berjuang mengerjakan berbagai macam tugas dan pekerjaan, dapat berpikir dan membaca lebih banyak, hingga akhirnya bisa mendapatkan kebahagiaan dan kesejahteraan di dunia. Kira-kira begitu.

Di lima belas menit terakhir, beliau berusaha memberikan semua yang beliau ingin bagikan. Mengharukan, karena gue pribadi nggak mau kelasnya berakhir, pengen terus dengar seluruh hal menakjubkan yang nggak pernah gue tahu. Beliau bercerita layaknya seorang ayah di depan kami semua. Begitu banyak kisah dan hal yang bisa dipetik dan diterapkan dalam kehidupan kami kedepan. Pada akhir kelas, kami memberikan ucapan terima kasih sedalam-dalamnya pada beliau dan bertepuk tangan. Sungguh 10 pertemuan yang sangat merubah hidup bagi gue. Terima kasih banyak, Pak Markus Handowo Dipo!!

PS: Kalian yang kuliah di FEUI pasti rugi, lulus tapi belum pernah di ajar oleh beliau :)
PPS: Mau ambil kelas Manajemen Keuangan Lanjutan pak HD ah semester depan :D



I'll make it in Indonesian, because so many tasks waiting to be finished in one night but can not resist desire to write what happened today. Sorry.

Senin adalah hari yang spesial di semester ke enam ini karena dua pelajaran di hari ini diajar oleh satu dosen yang sama. Beliau adalah dosen yang diantara seribu dosen di UI atau Jakarta bisa dikategorikan sebagai dosen yang kompeten, profesional, bagus, kreatif, berwawasan luas, dan bisa memberikan insight ke mahasiswanya. Seperti itu.

Jujur, gue menikmati banget setiap kelas yang dia sampaikan. Pemikirannya benar-benar bebas, luas, di luar batas pemikiran selama ini. Susah banget menebak apa dan bagaimana dia berpikir akan suatu konsep, apakah jawabannya sederhana ataukan rumit diluar pemikiran biasanya? Kadang gue harus berpikir lima-enam kali untuk melihat cara pandangnya. Serba salah, tapi kelas dia merupakan satu-satunya kelas yang memberikan cara ajar seperti ini dan gue menikmati ini.

Yah, walaupun setiap hal pasti ada bayarannya. Pemikirannya yang susah diiringi dengan ekspektasi pada mahasiswanya yang besar pula. Dia menjelaskan konsep tentang proses berpikir manusia, dimana ada tiga jenjang: mengumpulkan, memproses, dan mengaplikasikan. Dari ketiga proses ini dia bagi menjadi beberapa jenjang nilai: B, B+, A-, A. Menurut dia, nilai A hanya pantas bagi mahasiswa yang cara menjawabnya bisa membuktikan bahwa mahasiswa tersebut bisa sampai pada taraf berpikir pengaplikasian, semacam skripsi lah kalau dianalogikan. Tentu effort di tahap ke tiga ini perlu usaha yang keras nan gila. Apalagi akhir-akhir ini dia sering menyebut mahasiswa-mahasiswa kebanggaan yang beda dan bisa dia ingat sampai sekarang karena bisa dapat nilai A di kelas dia. Dia sebut mereka: Big 4.

Waduh, ciut banget tiap kali dengar dosen gue ini ngejelasin geng big 4. Rasanya usaha sekeras apapun nggak akan bisa memenuhi ekspektasi si bapak dosen. Nilai yang gue dapetin sekarang untuk UTS padahal udah dibarengin dengan usaha keras, walaupun nggak sampai titik darah penghabisan. Tapi tetep aja ngenes. Dan gue berpikir apakah harus seorang jenius, unik, dan stamina kuat nggak usah tidur biar bisa dapat nilai A? biar bisa dibilang jenius??

Walaupun terkendala nilai, gue terus semangat menunggu hari senin. Nggak sabar denger pemikiran bapaknya lagi, tentang berbagai macam hal dan pengaplikasiannya di komunikasi bisnis dan bisnis global.

ps: dua minggu ini di kelas belajar tentang sikap profesionalism: dilihat dari para penyanyi seperti Noah, Adele, Ari Lasso, Cold Play, Black Eyed Peas, dan Ratu Penyanyi Jazz yang dibandingkan dengan Penyanyi Dangdut. Terus juga tentang teknik membaca, melihat sudut pandang kita tentang kasus yang tejadi dibandingkan dengan perspektif Agama Islam. Wah seru :)



Selamat malam, dunia :) Bagi yang merayakan, selamat menyepi! Bagi yang tidak, bagaimana hari liburmu?

Hari ini agak spesial buat gue, karena biasanya gue cuma malas-malasan di rumah dan istirahat buat esok harinya memulai kembali kuliah. Tapi, hari ini ada jadwal kegiatan lain dan cuma terjadi sekali seumur hidup, yak! team building kepengurusan Badan Otonom Economica 2013/2014 ke Bogor! Acaranya cuma semalam dan dilanjutkan besoknya dengan wisata kuliner dan main games, tapi entah kenapa banyak pelajaran yang bisa gue petik dari kebersamaan dengan mereka di dua hari kemarin.

Banyak hal, banyak masalah, banyak ketidakpedulian yang terjadi di antara kami. Kemarin malam, kita saling membuka diri dan bertukar pikiran untuk kemajuan bersama Badan Otonom Economica. Unek-unek dan rasa sedih, bahagia ditumpahkan di atap genteng villa salah satu pengurus BOE malam itu.Di antara perbedaan yang baru kami rasakan kemarin, ada satu kesamaan dari kami semua: kami ingin membayar segala jasa BOE kepada BOE. Wah, rasa tanggung jawab, bangga, dan berbagai macam perasan menjadi satu. Rasanya malam itu beneran bikin gue bersemangat mengemban tanggung jawab satu tahun kedepan, karena akhirnya gue tahu bener-bener kenapa gue mau jadi pengurus BOE tercinta ini.

ps: lihat bintang jatuh loh!!

Dan, di antara unek-unek yang kami tumpahkan, salah satu mantan sahabat gue cerita betapa dia menghargai jasa gue dan masih manggil gue sahabat dia di depan anak-anak BOE yang lain. Rasanya senang, walaupun (lagi) gue jelaskan kita nggak sahabatan kayak dulu :')

Semakin mengenal setiap anak BOE, gue semakin jatuh cinta dengan BOE. Beneran, kita itu unik. Perkumpulan anak-anak yang beda dari Fakultas Ekonomi UI, gue bangga bisa mengenal mereka selama dua tahun ini, bisa seenggaknya bekerja sama dengan mereka. GUE BANGGA!

Ayo, berusaha yang terbaik! Belajar untuk terakhir kali bagaimana mengatur waktu yang baik, memimpin, mengkoordinasi, berbicara di depan umum, menjalin hubungan profesionalisme, dan menjadi keluarga dengan semua anggota BOE #tujuanku

"Karena sebatas kata-kata bukan budaya kami -Badan Otonom Economica"

Selamat malam, sampai jumpa :D


6th term

Selamat malam, mari kita berbahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar.

Sudah satu minggu semenjak semester enam dimulai, dan satu minggu ini adalah satu minggu terberat dan produktif yang pernah gue jalani! Tebak kenapa? Karena disaat yang bersamaan gue masih internship di Accenture, menjabat menjadi BPH BOE, dan hold 7 kelas di kuliah, dimana dosennya peduli banget sama absen! Beneran menguras tenaga, pikiran, dan batin. Malam jadi terasa panjang dan (lagi-lagi) kasur menjadi barang yang jarang disentuh, Ditambah, gue keterima jadi asisten lab untuk mata kuliah Pengantar Akuntansi 2, masa-masa magang gue harus rela untuk diambil, padahal kerjaan makin banyak dan pressure semakin bertambah! Gila. Kerja sambil kuliah bukanlah hal yang mudah, dan ini memberikan gue pelajaran yang teramat banyak. Apalagi gue juga ikut beberapa lomba, butuh ekstra keahlian dalam manajemen waktu. Disini gue diuji, untuk menjaga kompentensi, konsistensi, performa, dan kesehatan. Semuanya harus all out or I will be out. Dunia memang keras dan yang lemah nggak akan bisa bertahan. Gila ya prinsip gue.

So, beberapa jam lagi sebelum hari senin kembali tiba dan minggu kedua kuliah dan magang plus organisasi plus jadi asdos akan dimulai kembali. Doakan saya sukses yaa: tahu kan demi apa ini semua? ;)

Ps: waktu terus berjalan dan adik gue makin mendekati masa masuk universitas. Dia santai setengah mati tapi gue yang nerves. Selalu berdoa dan beri nasihat ke dia, semoga bisa dapat universitas yang lebih baik daripada gue. Amin


Spring Breaks

Alhamdulillah, I can spend almost the rest of spring holiday to suitable things with. It started because my insecurity of life condition and spontaneously signed in my email and sent the CV to some of corporate email. Time goes on and no one called me back. And I felt like "Oh, okay, I should arrange another plan to waste my holiday". at the same time, suddenly an-office-number called my blackberry which luckily could be reached at campus zone and no battery drained happened! That's Accenture called me and I was like "Thanks God!". So, now I am starting to be an intern in this IT and SAP consultant, want to try a new knowledge. Wish me luck so I can give my best shot to them. Ciao :)


semester lima? selesai.

Akhirnya setelah perjuangan yang menyiksa selama tiga minggu, akhirnya dan akhirnya liburan semester ganjilku telah dataaang!

Ya, kuliah itu bener-bener endes capeknya. Apalagi di bagian ujian tengah dan akhirnya. Bagi mahasiswa SKS alias belajar sistem kebut semalam, ujian itu bener-bener menguras dan menguji seberapa hebat otak seseorang menghafal buku yang tebalnya 10cm dalam sehari. Belum lagi selama proses itu seenggaknya perlu dibantu dengan kopi biar mata nggak cepat nutup. Kopi, begadang, makan mie kalau lapar.... dan di UAS ini gue lakukan continuously selama tiga minggu, people! How harsh it is. Gue tahu belajar SKS itu big No. Kita mahasiswa pasti ngerasain ikrar setelah UTS/UAS ke diri sendiri: "Gue bakal belajar tiap hari" atau "Gue nggak akan lagi SKS pas ujian nanti". Tapi apa? Susah banget kecuali dari sananya memang sudah serajin itu.

Yah intinya, ujian akhir semester lima ini diakhiri dengan penuh penderitaan. Tapi tetep diselangi haha-hihi pas belajar bareng teman-teman di Kutek. FYI, gue ujian dari tanggal 20 December 2012 sampai 4 Januari 2013. Capek bro, lo belajar ujian disaat keluarga lo happening event christmast and new year eve. Mau senang-senang salah, mau belajar juga susah. Memang kerjaan Biro Pendidikan FEUI paling mantep deh bikin jadwal ujian, paling bisa! Semenjak gue kuliah, gue selalu ngerayain tahun baruan di Kutek.... sambil belajar. Yah the point is, kalau gue nggak SKS, gue mungkin bisa senang-senang. Tapi karena gue penganut SKS, minggu ujian itu adalah saat dimana nonton, main-main, dan semacamnya dilarang! So yeah. gue janji bakal at least baca materi kuliah sebelum masuk kuliah. (#1 Resolusi 2013)

Sampai detik ini, gue masih menjalani kehidupan mahasiswi pulang-pergi alias nggak ngekos. Lumayan menyiksa tubuh, bukan apa-apa sih, cuma lo kalau sampai di kampus nggak bisa se-fresh anak ngekos secara tubuh lo mengarungi perjalanan dua jam via metromini dan kereta yang desak-desakan sebelum akhirnya masuk kelas. Tapi enak juga, badan bisa diajak olahraga pagi dengan lari-lari ngejar kereta dan bis kuning. Hidup gue agak berat semenjak nggak ngekos lagi. Tapi entah kenapa, semakin gue banyak gerak, selera dan nafsu makan gue makin gede parah! Gue kira pas awal semester gue bakal kurusan seenggaknya satu atau dua kilogram, nyatanya malah tambah gendut dan perut membuncit! Setelah gue telusuri, kebiasaan pulang malam dari kampus buat gue sering banget makan terlalu malam. Terus karena kecapean langsung tidur setelah makan. Aduh, parah. Setelah akhirnya gue curhat ke nyokap, dia daftarin gue ke tempat gym terdekat dari rumah dan gue berniat jogging tiap weekend pagi. Semoga bisa turunin berat badang 10kg akhir tahun 2013 ini (#2 Resolusi 2013)

Liburan ini gue udah merencanakan beberapa rencana, selain jalan-jalan dengan teman lama. Kehidupan gue benar-benar akan dimulai di semester enam, maksudnya kehidupan adalah hidup mencari duit dan sesuap nasi. Tahun 2013 artinya gue sebentar lagi kepala dua. Jadi anak sulung memang nggak ringan, penuh tanggung jawab dan kepercayaan. Nggak ada lagi kata main-main. Selain harus sudah mulai kuliah dengan benar (it means I should turn my self being a geek one) gue juga harus mulai masuk-masukin CV ke perusahaan which I want belong to. Setelah mikir agak lama dan menyesuaikan dengan kemampuan diri gue, Auditor (ya, Auditor) menurut gue adalah pekerjaan bidang akuntansi yang menurut gue, capable of. Jadi, merupakan impian dari para auditor kalau bisa kerja di The Big 4 of accounting firm: Pricewaterhouse Cooper, Ernst and Young, KPMG, dan Deloitte. Gue pilih yang PwC dan E&Y sebagai calon tempat magang di tahun ini, semoga bisa (#3 Resolusi 2013)

Selain magang, tentunya harus ada senang-senang! Bulan Agustus tahun ini gue udah beli tiket pesawat bareng teman-teman buat liburan ke SOUTH KOREA! aduh emang agak endes sih yang ini. Bulan September 2012 salah satu teman ngasih tahu kalau ada promo tiket pesawat murah turnway. Iseng-iseng akhirnya kita beli dengan uang tabungan kita. Tapi yang agak miris, tahun 2012 artis korea kesayangan gue datang semua ke Indonesia! Dimulai dari Super Junior, Big Bang, Sungha Jung, sampai cowok korea impian gue: Lee Seung Gi. Nyokap gue pernah nyeletuk "Kamu ya, orang koreanya ke sini tapi malah beli tiket ke negaranya. Aneh". Sedih banget dengernya. Tapi karena semangat juang empat-lima dan emang kita agak gila.. salah satu rencana kita disana adalah mengunjungi production house terkenal di South Korea: SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, dan Hook Entertainment buat ketemu artis idola kita. Nggak lupa ngunjungin kafe dan salon mereka. Doakan kami ya bisa ketemu Super Junior, Big Bang, dan Lee Seung Gi di South Korea juga sukses nabung uang buat jalan-jalan! (#4 Resolusi 2013)

sebenarnya ada banyak banget rencana dan keinginan yang bisa terwujud di tahun 2013 ini. but I think it should keep it by myself and just disclosure it after they really happened, right?. Semoga di tahun 2013 ini kita semua bisa lagi belajar lebih banyak, mengalami banyak kejadian yang lebih indah, lebih banyak berbagi kepada sesama, dan bertemu dengan berbagai orang baru yang bisa mewarnai hidup kita lebih indah. Happy New Year, everyone! dan untuk saya juga seluruh mahasiswa UI, met liburan bro!

be fireworks, so you can let your colour burst! -Katy Perry