Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Finally, i have watched the part one of final chapter of Harry Potter. i went with my friend after finished my class in campus, took my things from home in my boarding house, and went to Plaza Senayan to catch up this movie. I don't know why i agree with my friend to watch in Pancoran than Margoda which is very near from my boarding house-- but i knew it maybe because tonight is saturday night and i never used it as well is can be. not tonight too, because my friend is a girl -__-

my impression about this movie is soooo great! i got the front seat, the second line from front. i thought that i was unlucky to watch it from there, but it was wrong. i felt really awesome there, i really felt closer to daniel, emma, and rupert :* they are so big in the screen, and it was really like saw a 3D film! the sound, the graphic, anything in the movie is perfect! the story really touched, and conclude the main point from novel. Emma looks great, daniel and rupert too. They were totally grown up became such a great actor and actress. The director was cool! i can't say anything else, you must watch it to know how great is it.

After seen the movie, i spent my time in Gramedia to look up the book, peek in new release and found the book of harry potter and the cast!! the price is $40 and i have seen all the contents because i found the one had a broken sealed. i saw many cool photos there :) there is a photo where Daniel and Rupert met for the first time and holding hands each other with shy (cute!), there is a photo where daniel from ten years old until now wore Gryfindoor jackets, and it was really cool photos. Emma from first series until now, and Rupert too. Hermione's stand in, Voldemort with his nose, dumbledore, the twins weasley from child until now :') and the most cool things inside are there are: Envelope and mail from first movie that told Harry about he is a new student in hogwarts! the envelope was cool! the stamp!! the words and dumbledore's signature too, oh god. and then, there is magic label for the liquid magic bottle of your labor tools in Hermione's world. There are HIDDEN-MAP from third movie which are really really cool!!! you said lumos and something that you don't know anything-- i forget the spell, you had it! i touched it! cool. and there is ball yewn invited in fifth movie with white envelope and cristal palace background. cool! there is twin-weasley catalog too, and hogsmeade catalog :D i really want to eat that one, the candy weird flavors. what else? the photos, and the things inside really really worth for $40 :D

deathly hallows symbol. remembered me of something haha

I love Harry Potter so much, thanks J.K Rowling for imagined him and his best-friends. I love his movies, too. Lucky for Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Green which can be as main cast in this one, so they can famous like now. Lucky, very lucky. Oh, i saw 70% discount books and bought one. Something i don;t know when will i read, but this one really interesting thing. I am going crazy back then in Pelangi, when saw many shoes and bags with big sale. Can somebody stop me to not buy the shoe or bag? thanked that my friend can. She really really protect me like as my mom did -__- i wanna try the shoes at least, but she won't allowed me, so dare! hhaha

Okay, i should sleep now. Going to JGTC tomorrow, meet many people and finally watch the Trax live on my own eyes (yeah!). If you saw me, call me and talk to me :) see you there, buddies

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