Don't read, it's junk

Killing my time and random things showed quickly. the random was about my kind of man.
old days, my friends told me that i always interest with someone named lead with F or A word. i don't know about that if it was true or nope. I think it just a coincidence.
i do and agree like someone who can play basket ball than soccer, i don't know why. maybe it just because jump and shoot were cool enough. and i really really give my eyes to someone who took his time sitting in mosque, pray, and read the Al-Qur'an, keeping his wudhu and won't to touch girl's hand. Er, something like that. I don't like someone tall, should be enough if he has height as tall as me or a lil more cm. what else? hm. he should be funny, calm, and smart. kind and love to cat also others animal- like me. would fain and don't mind about me who like to go around and not stay just in home. oh! the most important thing, he should has white skin, or yellow at least. (hahaha)

i hope, he come from Japan or England whom moeslem and likes cats :)

don't read it if you think it was junk and useless. it is my bloooog, my blooog hehe

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