i won't sleep tonight. either to switch on my skype, for just chit-chat.
i've passed four months here. pretending for something i just don't know about the-exist-or-not
doing something i hate the most, learning something i don't like and not interested enough
i am laughing for something that unfunny and not funny. not funny. scary.
i am sick of it, this situation, seriously.
but, i did something wrong from the earlier that i can't pull it back
i have to considered the responsibility that i had
the time that i've pass by is not easy to get back again
i have to learn many things. i have to stand here, whatever the risk
whatever the kind of things faced on me
i am just want to run. but i can not run, i'm standing here, with tears and cry.
but not even a tears drop by, i'm just hide it far away from everyone
because it was hurt for me if someone know and care too much of this one
my problem was so terrible. please, be kind to not interfere my business, my problem
you away from this, i'm glad, surely

you know, something that you hide too long and too hurt for kept it by your own will be as yours as time goes by, because you have made the world seem careless for you, even they are really care for you.

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