I don't know but i just realized that i'm very addict with dvds now on. yesterday i've finished watched five films; Chibi Maruko Dorama, Salt, Confession of Shopaholic, My Bestfriend's girl, and Princess & me. All of them are great and makes me dying, imagining about something unreal and so on. Today, i'm going to campus in the morning with unbreeze spirit to what? to watch the documentary movies (hehe) held in auditorium. I enjoyed the free coffee, popcorn, magazines, journal, goodie bag (which there's unique black shirt that i want to modified) and surely, seven documentary movies which are soooooo great! i don't know but the documentary movies are interesting enough and recommended to be watch because you can see something real from the real source, real object, real problems, like you are in there, near them and feeling the love, guilty, hates, also others feeling more felt, i think. I will talked about all the doc. movies later, after tomorrow session, the second days of documentary days will be held. I will come again, get the coffee, sit before my first class in campus, and enjoyed my holy-tuesday in campus.

Aaaah, what should i say? i love my campus? hahaa, i don't know, today there are three events held at the same time at the same place. Many free snacks and some unique things everywhere.. i love this :)

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