Does anyone care what really happened in economy train in Indonesia? I do care about this. Wanna simplify the problem, if you want to see why Indonesia took a place under Malaysia in economic and social welfare just buy the Rp 1500,- ticket from the locket and you will know the answer.

Do you know what happened in there? i'll tell you.

if you stayed away and prefer to sit in cool area in express or ac train, in economic you will stand up along the journey in train with all the paupers there :( they all asking to a thousand and hundred rupiahs for eat and buy milk for their kids, sing along the corner with their dirty shirt, many handicapped children, inviable person pass by along we go with the train.

they are beside me. around me. near me. wanted my money for they meal. i really do care, but not giving the money everyday. i just hope this view will last, i sick of it to see how ugly my country, how poor i lived in. i just always make a promise to become a person whom care about this things forever, and will fix this economic things as soon i can!

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