Green Campus: Adansonia Digitata

Yesterday, in my campus had welcomed new comers from PT. Waskita Karya and Department Forest. They are called Adansonia Digitata or Baobab tree which had 240 years. They are so huge and yesterday successfull grown one leaf mean that they were alive in here. University of Indonesia as known as green campus by others because had many trees and surrounded by forest and lake. We had bicycle, yellow bus to minimalize the riders, and walking path for people who want to taking a walk way for theirs.

I really enjoyed my self to take a walk in evening after all my class over together with some of my friend, and my favourite place is lake beside the rektorat building and balairung, which i knew that place is danger. but i rarely to using the bike because i always bring heavy book on my hand -__-

issues that said rektorat will cut off some of trees in campus are disturb me hard. i won't be lost this kind of feel, the air and cloudy because many trees here. please sir, keep this trees for us. just leave it like the way they are

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Anonymous said...

really an eye opener for me.

- Robson

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