the last three day in my lovely campus area had been some amazing event held, by the way. i could call this as the week of campaign for the leader of FEUI 2011 in BEM and BPM. yesterday i saw flash mob in makara park which is a campaign from team number 1. number 2 and number 3 made a great campaign i thought, because they gave us free worksheet of final exam last year :) and even, the number 2 made a challenge and the winner can get the JGTC's ticket for free! cool.

by the way, i am in my home right now. full of tired, lack, and stress cured in home easily. sometimes i think to live in my home is better than live alone without someone care and understand you. but somehow, live in the boarding house so much better, i don't know but i thanked because my home is in jakarta, so i can choose both of them easily.

so, tomorrow i will go by train (again) to attend my mathematical class, wish i can get the point and add my currently score for mid-exam. and hope for me that tomorrow i can go to the movie for watching the Harry Potter- i delayed for watch this movie, not because i'm busy or what. just do not have the money haha. and now, i have, so let's watch it!

random. today i eat like a pig, so many food i had ate. now, i am eating the magnum-- the famous one that i don't know why. the taste is okay, just okay. the price is.. a little hurt me. hurt my pocket.

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