Pinky Gathering

at 3 Nov, i invited to attend the ceremony for new comers in my board house, Pinky :)
that day was Wednesday and it was my heaviest day ever in a week, i'm going home in empty stomach and full of tired, i forgot about the invitation. when i want to go upstair in center side of building, i viewed my senior had been ready and waited for us (oow) and i looked the table also chairs had removed for the party. I said okay to senior about i will go downstairs after took a bath.. and i finally partied with all pinkers (•ˆ⌣ˆ•)
we did the introducing part, ate the cookies, ate the supper, they tricky us to show something funny, sang, ate again, and for hours or more did the police-and-crook by cards :)
and know we have known each other, i knew who is in room number 3 and 5 for example, and i knew who's like to played disco music every night very loudly :)

i thank to my mom who sent me to this boarding house, and believe in me to take care my self even Pinky is mixed-male and female boarding house. Love ya' mam

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