Korean Culture Days

Anyeonghaseo :)

unavoidably that korea's thingy present has become popular and more. i really excited to know many people specially in Indonesia, yelled and screamo like a crazy when they saw boyband or girlband from korea showed. I do like my past how crazy i am who always update about this thingy until became a important person for one of the biggest social community in Indonesia for Korea's world. How great i am in old days.

But now, because i do not have any time to take a look in you tube or googling and doing anything social comment and chit-chat with my overseas friend whom freak about korea like me.. i just come back become to ordinary person who just update my west song playlist. fortunately, every sunday i can see the live concert from KBS channel in my house, so i can refresh my campus activity with korea-drain haha

Anyhow, today i come to attended the Korean Culture Days in University of Indonesia, Balairung after mathematical economic business class over. With my two friends, i walking around the area and tends for searching unique things. I found SJ's light stick, Eunhyeuk big poster which standing as high as i am, the biggest hand fan ever which Kyuhyun's-my husband- handsome face printed on it, tteokbokki, ramyeon, ELF Jacket, and Hanbok!

 rubbery, spicy, and delicious :9

The tends located at outside, so in inside there were so many people-mostly young female- yelled, screamed point to the stage which is just showing the video clip from one of boy band. oh man, why are they so hysterical for this not meaning things? -__- so, i just saw them yelled and amazed for a minute. After that, i enjoyed the situation and join to dance together while my fav songs played from the stage. we really are crazy in there. we all!

i just desperate to can't find my second husband hand fan or digital printed photo-- Lee Seung Gi in every stand. Why they just sell Suju, Shinee, SNSD, DBSK, and Beast?! aaah, they are not equitable for him. Also, the culture shows are too lil than Kpop parody and cover. I hope next year, this festival will become better and included many things from real korea. Aja aja fighting!!

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