Why oh why

I often watched film at the movies with my friends. And sometimes they bought me the ticket freely but all the film i assure you that was a scary movies and horror or thriller. Like three days ago, i with my friend watched the movie at Pondok Indah Mall and decided to watch Boo! -i'm not who decided to watch this one thought.
Before entered the room, i knew this film is bad enough to watch. But i don't care because it was free. Oh man, my feeling was right. It was so bad, jerk creepy, and fake ghost. The story was funny enough to re-tell. Oh man, we even don't discuss the film anymore after watch it, that mean the film really bad. Again, i remembered my friend's quote that said Hollywood had a bad movies thought hahaha

One year ago, when i still a high school girl when halloween with tecchapoccie i spent my time in movies to watch Halloween film. I don't know for sure but after saw it, i felt yuck and my ears disturbed enough to hear fu*ck words so many in that film. oh! and even it haven't any halloween things like the title, so we called the film as Junk film we had watched ever -__- waste our money so wrong.

I won't to spend my money anymore for creepy movies, ever.

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