Bye Obama

the rare-invitation

so! this is it, he finally really really come to Indonesia, give general lecture in my campus, visiting the biggest mosque in Indonesia. He really did it.
I sum up his speech, cut the indonesian words which to make us interest to his speech, i got about scholarship and exchanges issues-- which really did me wow, happy incredibly. about he promise to stop the war and told about United States won't to make a war with moeslem. About the iraq, i hope he can make the promise to be real. about how great consideration and understanding between our difference in Indonesia of religion, about the culture which he likes-- sate bakso haha. I kept his promise, and not to be so blowed. There must be something hidden, you know. It's politic. Politic means everything :) we should aware. Government please be careful to make any treaty.

I just had compared our president speech with his speech which are very different in any means. First, the gesture. You may said that it just because he is not our president, but hey look! he really did wow all the people with bahasa talks, memorize about his past, he knew what we like. Our president, should make some movement like him, to pull up citizen's interest. You know, lately we have lost our belief because some issues spread. I think our president can applicant this method :)

So far, euforia still hot haha my friends in high school whom got exchange to america had give regards by hand because he stood in front. He shooted the in our local television and got interviewed. Got the shirt, and met many important person. Dozen of my college's came to and saw the speech from a far. Not bad than never. i hope Obama can hold his promises, and come back next year to Indonesia, especially UI again :)

picture from: Tifatul Sembiring and Anin :)

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Rizky Dini Novriza said...

woooh keren kampus lo *___*

Nadya Komanechi said...

dinike juga kereeen :* tapi pas dia pidato, dia sama sekali nggak nyebut UI -__- UI cuma tempat pidato doang deh kayaknya