This is incredibly day; i got my holiday! thanks obama.
anyway. today i with some of my friends marathon around our campus via backyard and forest kutek to get our final destination, asrama. ended with took some photos, we decided to get back to kutek by yellow bus. but, who knows that today some colleges don't get the holiday like us, so we got the wrong costume in yellow bus. just pretend okay we talk along and stop by at Kukel, ate the porridge and again took the yellow bus to our boarding house. sees like when we marathon, didn't show any security or USSS or TNI or anything scary around campus. just like usual, before Obama come.. UI is like usual. Silent and quiet, wanna have a class, bored until die in front my laptop doing the assignment.

Okay gotta go, doing the assignment, and watch a lot from rent pirates dvd :)

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