Street style

I dont know, but tonight i cant sleep fast like usual. Even tomorrow will be the first time i'll be sit in third grade class, but now imsonia has comee.
internet was on and this one made i more and more to do sleep late.
after blogwalking for an hour i found new cool site. just click the title to go there. the site was tell us about the japan's street fashion. oh my, they are so cool. i can't appeal indonesia and japan one by one. it sooo far to imagine
just some people have a great fashion style, and japan has many of them.
but the style i thought was little weird. but the weird is still cool, i love japan so much. some of this picture i took from the website, i thought they are cool. comment please

 found the handsome from japan!! he is handsome, cute and sexy haha and fashionable! ow ow his style was great, the colour and the style was double okay

i thought too many clothes that he wore, dont you feel hot?

i don't know why i picked this one, maybe i lobe the way she mix it.
it doesnt look bad, but seems totally cute i thought

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