2nd farewell party

Iyeei, on last tuesday i went to skate field with my best Dira, Nathea, Kerin, and Dian. We went from McD at 8 am and went there by dira's car. She actually has a SIM lincence and can drived car very well. And after 2 hours, we made and stop in TA's park hall and straight went to skaters. At theres we met Darizky and her two brothers.
Darizky was so good in this way, she can skate by running. Tought that i just can walking slowly because it's my second turn to skate in here :)
After skaters for 3 hours we ate belong together at Platinum. and take some picture there's :D
in ours home-way, we passing the new shop in Jatiwaringin area. It was Endorse and Bloop shop. And we made to take the time to shopping a while ahhaa. the dresses at that shop were good and unique. in home, i told about that shop to my mother and she said that she want to bought me some dress, i hope she wont to lying hem
okaaay that's my last adventure with chivalry, i still love them until now on
Love you Chivalry :D

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Natea said...

Nad liat judul post lo yang ini udah serem gw Nad, funeral itu bukannya pemakaman ya? hahahahahhahaha. perpisahan itu farewell Nad hahaha

komanechi said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeh hahahaha oke oke haha ilok gue ><