New Class

I'm bored in my house, just watching the television for 5 hours until i go to the upstairs, straiht to my room and see my handphone. okay, i check the screen and saw three received message. 2 from putri and 1 from iki.
First i open putri's, and content of the sms is about she want sit belong with me for a year. okay i just smile. then i open iki's message and jeng jeng he said in message that "Kom sekelas ama gua lo". i suprised! the classes were formed! uaaarh i'm panic for a minute and calm for a second then panic again!! then i call putri ask her who are the others from my oldest class belong with me and she said don't know. so i call iki, and ask him about the same question. and i sad because i don't in same class with ALL my close friend in chivalry (sciense 1 class) like nathea, dinike, DIRA, and gita :(
i'll be miss you so much guys. i like you all to be my friend hope you can still be my friend then ;)
and this is the picture of my new class
XII IPA 3 horraaaay
actually after muhammad hudiyantara, the best then must be Nadia hanintasari, not me! 
it's not fair at all. i want in same class with dini and diraaaa *my heart-scream 

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Natea said...
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Natea said...

waaaa jadi sedih gue Naad. sebelahan ya kita tapi. Dini sama Dira ada di kelas gue Nad ntar gw ajak-ajak ke kelas lo :( i love you Naaaaaaaad ♥

komanechi said...

iya nad love you too haha, seharusnya tuh lo di kelas gue, gue di kelas lo hehe bener bener nih yang ngatur kelas kesel gueeeeee