PRJ 2010

Horray! Finally i and my family went to Jakarta Fair yesterday from morning untill night. How should i say about that but cool and funtastic? Wow, awesome! I really love the event and i do love Jakarta Fair so much. Many games, many branded shops which sell the items in discount price. Many foods from many country opened the store everywhere. Many china people and tourist who came to Jakarta Fair. If i had the camera, it'll be fun to capture every single moment i spent there. Many shops who sells the football jersey and plays the world cup theme song. Many children showed their wide smile and many laugh, giggle, and happy scream i herd there.

I bought many things and had many precious things after came to Jakarta Fair. I won't to tell you all the things that i bought from there, because there are so maaaaany things! I will showed the unique items i found there. Here we go:

Headphone Mix Styles with special price. When i was in Blok C and looked for the electronic things. I saw this things and directly love with the styles. This headphone using for handphone and laptop. And i bought the pink one with white star inside.

and finally i had my own Germany Jersey in my cupboard. It looks really persist with the above picture. Without the number and name of players. In fact, i really want the jersey with number 13 and Muller name on back, or number 8 and Mesut on my back. Oh if i found that things

err, the other things i bought there were mostly secret. I won't to tell ya all the things haha. And the above things i thought that was really hard to get and buy if i didn't come to Jakarta Fair. I really promised to my self for next year come and bring my friends, family and maybe the love to come here. It will be more fun!

2 s'inscrire:

Rizky Dini Novriza said...

woiii ada barang murah nggak bilang-bliang haha

Nadya Komanechi said...

haha kan situ ke PRJ duluan daripada gue :P