Enhorabuena para España

Wow, really a great prediction, Pulpo Paul. I don't want to believe this but i have to agree that this octopus can predict so well. The winner of 2010 World Cup in South Africa is Spain!
That match had a fast playing and many yellow card given to Dutch, and one red car given to John Heitinga after collect two yellow cards. Dutch given many pushes to Casillas, but still he is the best who could keep the goal from Dutch. And after a long wait, i saw Andres Kiniesta from Spain kick the ball to Dutch's at 116th-minute and that happened, the goal secured and the winner is Spain :)

Andres Kiniesta

The enchanted moment i saw here. Netherland who lose had a very bad face. They are sad and depression, very different comparing with Spain -__- i felt bad for Netherland. Casillas' tears and wide smile when grab the trophy was so cool. They bring up their coach, and dance on the field when anthem song; waka waka played. Wuaaah, that must be very funtastic in there. Someday, i want to see live the world cup and support Germany and England :D

"We were so close to being world champions, but it didn't work out that way. It is very disappointing," said Van Bronckhorst. "I am very proud of the team and everything we have achieved. We came far, we gave everything today."

Kissing the trophy, cassilas-captain of spain must be feel like a million bucks person. Winning the Europe and World Cup, also be the winner of great kipper in this world cup. Oh yeah, in the interview, Casillas kissed his girl friend, Sara Carbonero so passionate. Err, he is in love with her. He can't wait himself to show the happiness to his girlfriend, how sweet.

kissing during the interview with his girlfriend

nanaaa~ the only one goal keeper that i love. Keep it up, man. And congratulation, captain!

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