Germany won!

Double Horray! Its so awesome! The match really precious to watch, and i'm so proud that i've watched the match with my family. Earlier, i've choosed German as my second choice after England. And i really love how they control the ball and play so nicely among the other player in team :D
I really like how the captain organized his friends and how the others passing the ball. They really did it in the beutiful way. I hope German will be the winner for World Cup 2010. My wishes for you, dear.

Black Panser!

ps : Lahm, Muller, Klose, Podolski, Mesut Ozie, Shweinsteiger, and Neuer.. you all had made me love football again! I really felt sorry to not watch the match in Europe League in 2008 :(

i heard that if we listen to the vuvuzela's sound in long term, we'll had permanent problem in ears. So carefully to near with it. So scary but without them, how quiet the match in this south africa, isn't it? :)

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