Go Germany!

Today, i'll watch the match between Germany and Uruguay. Even my body doesn't feel well enough and i need to take a rest, so i plan to take a nap for a while before watching properly the match with my two eyes. I don't want to miss every single moment in my favourite team. I really love them, even after they lose from spain. I don't know why, but in my heart they still be my hero :D

And look! I found my new idol here, his name is Ozil Mesut. He is decendant from Turkish and live in long time for Germany. He has play in team 17 and 21 for germany. Now he is the subtitute for the hole who Ballack make. And because he is Turkish, he is moeslem like me. I really proud with his way to say Insya Allah and Amin :D and i also follow his twitter. really make me more more to like him.

Go German! The 3rd in this year is never mind ;)

ps: i have a nice and wonderful trip today. i'll share what i've bought and saw, so stay tuned.

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