UI and IndonesiaMUN : Bringing Diplomacy Forward

If you have read about my future dreams to become an ambassador of my country, Indonesia, and you will understand that this workshop- which held by faculty of social and political science of UI- was my first step and my first knowing-things about 'what and how to become a great diplomacy'.

the poster

Day one : I went with my bestiest, Putri with train from Tebet and arrived to Depok Station an half hour later. We didn't use the yellow bus to went the PSJ UI because the place can reached by walk on our foots. After arrived there (Faculty of Japanese Culture) we submitted our email, name and sign to get the passport from UN, book of law in UN, Sister's magazine, and lovely snacks which could we eat during the workshop.
Mostly partisipants and candidate of delegates who attended this can used English fluently and really had a impressive and outstanding background of education. Not like me, who is nothing.

The first speaker is Mr. Roy R. Soemirat, Head of WMD/Nuclear Weapon section of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, titled “Public Diplomacy”, with details of discussion down to the rules of procedure in international conference or assembly. I thought that this titled is a trending issues who flame over around the world-- about the nuclear and the affect and impact to nature, social, economics, and human rights. Many questions and opinion in my head during this topic while Mr. Roy gave his speech, but because i'm particularly a nothing thing who can't push herself to stood up from her seat and just try raised her hands to ask with her beginner English, and worst ever-- i'm still here with many questions. maybe i'll keep this one for next year of IndonesiaMUN :)

Kak Dhacil (MC), Mr. Roy, and Kak Agung (MC)

Second's speaker of all is three people who enchanted me to saw them. They are two ASEAN Youth Ambassadors 2009 who share their profound international sphere of cultural exchanges on behalf of Republic of Indonesia: Carolina D. Rainintha Siahaan and Natalia Rialucky Tampubolon and one official from Ministry of Youth and Sport: Drs. H. Sakhyan Asmara, M.SP. This session focused more onto the various ways that youth can contribute in the manner of diplomacy and how the Ministry of Youth and Sport can channel youth aspiration on diplomacy throughout various student exchanges programs. The session reaches its conclusion that there are many ways where youth can be a delegate on its own, without necessarily being a diplomat nor politicians. During this session, i was stunned with two young girls ahead on the stage. Their experienced, their ways to spoke and their ways to handle the questions. That's the hardest time i've thought that i'm really nothing in this big campus and must be a stupid person who seat among many people there. One by one, people who came showed their capability to public and spoke with confident (not like me). Surely, that time i've planned to change all my habbit to make a better way and better person in future: I wanna live a life with a new perspective. An heavy afterthought isn't it? But seriously the second session was more fun than others :)

The last speaker in the first day was Mr. Amiruddin Noor – Indonesian former Ambassador to Norway and Iceland who brought the interactive session regarding “Public Speaking and Diplomacy”, delivered the last session. The session was continued by engaging several participants to come on stage and practicing public speaking under the coaching clinic of Mr. Noor himself. Err, he taught me how to did the best public speaking and 'do and don't' when in front of viewers. Important lesson but boring session, honestly.

After got all important hearing from those all speaker, me and Putri planned to visit my boarding house. We went there by college bicycle which took near FIB post. And then we try to rode it. I was good-handle into rode the bicycle but not with Putri, she was got problem with her's skill to handle it. We rode it slowly but it totally fun! We almost laugh during all the way to my boarding house near my faculty. After we arrived the post near my boarding house (Kutek) we placed our rent bicycle, showed again our student card, and walked about five minutes to there.

yup, my boarding house's name is Pinky House :) cute, isn't it? And it's guard name is mas yono. So, i call him, Yono Pinky hihi

the view from second floor in my boarding house, hmm nice :D

We talked to mas yono about my arrived to boarding house in this weeks. After seeing around, we left and took a moment for praying in mushola near my boarding  house. After that, we went to station by Yellow Bus and went home by train. Wanna save energy for tomorrow session.

Day two : Persist with last day, we went by train and came to PSJ on time. Sat on the same seats like yesterday and got snacks also magazine again like yesterday. But, the only thing that different from was i sat behind someone who during all session make a noisy voices from his nose like 'pffft or haaaaah' totally annoyed and given me the pip.

The speaker was Mr. Michele Zaccheo, the Director of United Nations Information Center for Indonesia, as one of speakers to enlighten me further about Model United Nations. Mr. Zaccheo had eloquently demonstrate to us how the UN has played its role in multilateral diplomacy and bridge across different interests of state to reach a common good for all. Mr. Zaccheo had previously been deeply involved within the UN itself having witness by his own eyes not only decision making process inside the UN headquarters but also the implementation of UN peacekeeping operations in the field. Delegates were actively posing critical questions and opinion upon the role of the UN and also youth in engaging with global challenges and issues. This session clearly has awakened the interest of youth to do more in depth research about UN and issues relating it.

After Mr. Zaccheo given his speech, there was break for lunch and i with Putri took a seen for FISIP. Putri also shoot picture near communication division gate. Having finished our lunch, we came back again and listen Natalia Lucky for her explanation about The Conference which delegate will head up and what will we do and so on. She's got my eye again! She's really an awesome student in this campus. I want to be like her, i must!

In doing so, the IndonesiaMUN committee in cooperation with UI-MUN club also exhibited a live simulation within the workshop room where five workshop participants had also volunteered to play a part in putting in into reality. As wonderful as it seems, both the participants and the UI-MUN club members simulating had marvelous experience from conveying the national interest of countries played as well as trying to reach consensus between all delegates and produce a bona fide resolution. During this simulating, i felt totally bored and sleepy because i wasn't participate like them who acted as delegate from every country, but still this session gave me another learnt about 'this is something happened live there'.

Not totally bored exactly because I and Putri made jokes into this guy and another guy who captured our eyes :)

The last guy who acted as delegate from malaysia. He was got an award as Honorable person who dedicated can be a good diplomat in the future. But practically and honestly i didn't agree with judge choice because he didn't good enough to be dedicated like that -__- (just opinion)

Finally the workshop done and we can got the certificate!! <-- the most wanted thing ever in our mind. We also took a sneek peek picture ahead large poster in there :)

Uoah! Really a hard day take a seat for many hours in there--not because boring or something bad, it just because my capability doesn't enough to be standing side by side with them, the candidates. I tried to pushed my self calm and be more calm when i herd they talked with native English and did a great question (honestly, i didn't get fully what they talked about in this workshop because my basic English) but a did trying to get some learn from this event : that i can be like them if i wanna try and wanna learn as much they have learnt. I can be like them, if i can confident with my self and not scare about anything public seeing or something that only in my imagine thing. I can be like them if i can pushed my self more and more than now that i've done. I can be more like them, if i wanted!

Cool Quotes I Got :)

This is not about 'country that you have is uncool' but 'you are the person who had to bring your country to make cool and seen in diplomacy floor' thats it! -- Carolina Raininta

It is not about being cool or uncool. it's about exerting your country own power and resources to tell other countries indirectly that we have the power and we have the rights to be put in the same level of diplomacy as other countries -- Pandu Wicaksono
Even i'm stupid and nothing but i still learn and learn in every second. I believe that someday i can fulfill my hope to be someone who needed in my own country, even this world :) -- Me
sources : indonesiamun, UI's blog, twitter, indonesiamun message, and putri's photos 

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gheaaaa said...

koma! anjer, blog lo sama bahasa inggris lo sama2 keren!! semoga INDONESIA MUN bisa jadi tangga awal lo buat jadi diplomat. amin kiw kiw :)

betewe, kalo sama gue jangan sungkan2 spik2 pake english ya, gue suka kagok soalnya kalau ngomong bahasa inggris, jadi maksud gue, sudilah kiranya engkau untuk bersedia menjadi guru conversationku :)

Nadya Komanechi said...

waaaa di bagian mananya yang keren? -__- amin ya Allah geee :') doain doain ya, gue mau berusaha tekun di akuntansi dulu baru serius di diplomasi hehe. sip sip pokoknya kalo gue udah mulai casciscus pake inggris jangan berfikir "ih koma belagu banget sih" jangan please jangan hahaha