Tips for high school student

as my experience being student in high school, i will tell about do and don't in your high school to make your university-way swift like the air.

first one, is do your study as well. in tenth grade, please choose your informal education depend your interest. being good student in class, being good hearing in class, being active in organization, being a leader makes perfect. effectively if you can join the OSIS or important organization which can make your skills sharpened.

second, please choose well your field, in social or science. it will affect bigger than you thought before. don't think if you in science class, you can get accountancy or international relationship as well whom in social field. that is big NO. well-meant that yup, you can be accountant if your in science field but you will lose and must struggle more in university then. i suggest you to choose properly who i am in the future based your own think, heart, and not from your parents choice or the worst, friend and boyfriend. think awhile, close your eyes, use your brain and heart, what will you do in the future? what do you want to be? and then, you can choose what field you must take for continue the study in high school.

third, if you do all above tips, you can get the scholarship based your field, PMDK, and if you lucky, maybe you will get chance to college in university of indonesia without any test. is that nice? yup, nice!

you shouldn't think about privat for national examination or take course for the test.
but, it's different for ITB-ers :) privat is a must. you must fighting! practice everyday! play less, study hard! and then, you can continue your play in long holiday after got the university :)

then, hope this help you :)

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