Help me

Okay. Haven’t post anything yet rode me to a lil’ way getting crazy, I meant, I’m here in my board house—alone and heard my friend from another room giggling with their friends and I’m alone. Sadly I said I’m alone doing useless terrible thing way up to tomorrow exercise from accounting class, made a balance sheet. Shit.

Another sound was from my front room, senior in architecture played jazzy song which rode me again to a deep loneliness feel, I hate jazz song forever! It made you to became a dramatic person with its tones way love. I lonely and now I realized that I single. Shit.

I opened my laptop and texting this. Lately, I can’t find place to share my life. No one like my old friend in high school. My bestiest whom in same university either. I felt sad now, stress out with accounting principles and mathematical fundamental made it more greatly sad. How I become like this?!

The others shit things were that my new friends in college by I don’t know what way—separate one another. Perfect new life college clearly gone with nature. And one people I waited here didn’t show up until now. Poor me? Hell yeah, yes.

No friend, No best friend, No mate, No boyfriend, and the rest is alone. Alone.

And now, my Arc senior played bieber’ s song, bad choice.

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pandu1992 said...

that is just your imagination. go play outside, have your little adventure. :D, contact your besties.
eh hari ini (sabtu) lo ada tes mahawaditra ya? good luck ;D

gheaaaa said...

et dah si komaa, kosan gue kaga jauh2 dari lo juga.. ayo ayo kom.. sini ke kosan gue.. :D

PUTT said...

aaaah nad, gue jadi ngerasa kesentil baca postingan lo yg ini.
ayoo kapan2 ceritalaaaaah...