Nadya Komanechi

for your info, my name isn't nadya komanechi for real. it is fake. and made original from my friend in high school, name Aldo Marchiano Kaligis. Many of my friends ask about why i called as nadya komanechi than my real name, and i replied that it was under pressure (of him) to high school's since 10th grade for all my friends there to call me komanechi than nadya. first time i called as komanechi, i was so angry because komanechi sounds weird and ugly name. but now i feel kind love that name and thankful to my paping or Aldo that had given those name to me. and there he is,

and the complete conversation is;

Aldo : (beside my seat in class) Nad!
Me : What?
Aldo : Nadya..
Me : What-an..?!
Aldo : Aldo..
Me : =___=
Aldo : me, Aldo Marchiano.. and you.. you are Nadya.. Nadya Komanechi!
Me : hah?!!
Aldo : Komanechi! hahahha i knew it! tebo, wooi! (he called a friend beside him) now you must call her as Komanechi! i don't anything else! hahaha. everyone, listen to me! now, she is komanechi! call her komanechi! hahahaha (he was very a dictator -__-)
Tebo : komanechi! komanechi!!
Me : Hah?! i wooooon't!! it's ugly!
Aldo : (feeling happy because i seemed unhappy) komanechi.. hehe
Tebo : komanechi..
Fairuz : (seat front of me) komanechiii... hahahahah
all friends in class : komaneechiii :)


weird, but that's my high school nick name. before i called komanechi, i got nick as "miikoo" from my best, Nina :) and then miikoo replace by komanechi until now. so so, tell me then who are you with your nickname?

ps : if you don't know who Nadia Comaneci is, then click here. I thanked to her :)

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