Ied ul-fitr Mubarak!

Guess what? I'm in the mood to write this into English because before i wrote this, i've blogwalking around and read some wonderful blog shared in English; they had nice way to read and nice stories to shared.

Focus now, i came back after from my sacred holiday in my own home. What is sacred anyway in here? i meant sacred is for long, precious, and cheap holiday. One word to describe the best holiday is family :) the others are friends and mall.

 mom's cake and ketupat :)

Ied ul-fitr is holy day for moeslem to celebrate their ended fasting month or ramadhan. In the morning, i woke up and prepared to catch up among my family to get the nearest mosque for salat ied. finished it, we-- me and my family took the breakfast together. the special breakfast in that day was consist of rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves or the indonesian is ketupat. in this year, my mom made tauco sauce for ketupat and that was really yummy! i didn't lie, you must tasted it. with chips or kerupuk, the tasted will be more great than usual. after that, i grabbed my nastar cookies and ate it for an hour.

after our stomach fully filled then we got on feet front of our home welcomed the guest-- our neighborhood who came for saying sorry and apologizing one another. and this is the happy scene of ied ul-fitr, sorry words, minal aidin wal faidzin, and a little amount of rupiah for little kids which sprouts smile and happiness made that day became really holy day :) then while the guest and we around the house area, i kept about a lil money from neighboor haha.


in noon, we prepared the car to rode a while for my nearest daddy's family in rawamangun. a nice conversation between them, i met my aunt whom almamater from unpad and they gave me opinion about my college life, thanks for them :) and i shoot many pictures from my lil sister because that day she was really in pretty seeing.

day two, we enjoyed Jakarta and rode along the road-- i meant no traffic road. nah nah, this is one of another who i wanted from ied ul-fitr. in this holy day, Jakarta will be very quiet and like no one live there. We end up at one mall in Jakarta, to shopping our ied money. The most favourite shop i visited was Japanese shop and toserba shop who sold anything there. I really enjoyed to seeing goods and bought some other cheap goods-- the others very expensive but unique, worth laah

Kyla posed many angle here, after two weeks i and her didn't meet, she made big advancement like words, tones, dance, and songs. She looked more beautiful day by day i didn't see her.

Okay, useless post again haha i can't make one like the other people which theirs can spread knowledge or info who important for people. but i hope, someone can make this useless to be usefull.

at the end, bismillah, i hope after we took the long ramadhan month and struggle being hungry and thirsty and be patient people, we can get the point of why we must struggle like that, why we should keep patient like that, and why we fasting. again, i hope i can do more positive act this year, and met the ramadhan next year, amien :)