Yey (?)

Last week was really a good one. I have many good opportunities to move forward. Should I tell you?

My professor gave his recommendation for me to work in Bank Indonesia after I visited him in his office to supervised my writings. I really happy to hear that and still didn't believe it. It just happened when I told him my passion, my path, my dream job, and he found out that I just matched with one of the position in BI.

Well, after that still many revisions in my writings have to be done. I promised I will do it after Friday (but seems there's no Saturday and Sunday because I don't know what I have done in those days because suddenly it's already Monday again?!)

I was being a challenger in a very good business competition of international bank. I met many friends and memories in one day. The challenges was really tough and full of excitement. The reason of my seriousness to join is not only because of the prize (USD 40,000 and intern in NYC) but also the development program they offered was so interesting. I just selected to be one of the national challenger, competes with another 29 students all around Indonesia (they were really nice and smart). I can't wait to compete with them again. IT JUST SO FUN!!

anywaaaay, I will postponed meet my professot again since I am not ready yet. I promise the next meeting is the last one before I will go to the present it in front of judges. Bye night!

*ps: I just finished watching reality show called "the romantic and idol" and it showed me the reason people going out and dating. I just like the idea, to know more people, their thought, kindness and so on without have to be dealed with relationships things. It just so human needed.

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