Back again :D

You know, sometimes when I re-read what I have written here, it was look so horrible and sad; because the reality is not that bad. actually. for example, yesterday's post. Oh come on, you girl, you just trapped in your own pessimist thought because you wanted to pity your own self, right?

because today I just celebrated my birthday with my two best girls in the world. they are just awesome. they will be my everything because I could share everything and anything with them. Every sadness, happiness, I don't have to be naive with them. If you asked me, who will know me the best and my true self, I will answer that they are the one will get it right. meanwhile, my best friend in campus really doesn't remember my birthday and actually spent a whole day with me, without any care (I just will forget about this thing because it will be too childish to make about forget my birthday to be argued between best friend, I am mature, I will make it case closed only for her).

And I just met my old heart crush whom so stupid doing flirty action, again. what are you doing, dude? I am so focus with my thesis and you wanted to start a relationship? My brain is work like a one door system. If I wanted to focus in one thing, I will close the other door for everything else. Like that. So, if he lucky enough, maybe we will close again, maybe. I just so hopeless nowadays, seeing all of my friend have the one to care about while I do not know with who and what will I care about hahahahahhaha just want to try before going so serious in workplace, you know.

I think it will be harder to find relationship partner in work place, because they are soooooo fake people. I will not believe people that I met in work place. It will be better to get from your solo vacation and travelling, someone stranger helps you and get to know you from your conversation along the journey, what a nice (i know it just some piece of scene of europe documentary film).

to sum up: i am happy today. full of blessing and I will going to Scholarship fair to visit some cool stuff, europe documentary film festival to visit my brother, and watching spidey!! not to forget: writing that thesis. semangat!

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