Selamat Ulang Tahun!
you fucking egoist and heartless of human! well, I have to say that once in a year, maybe? to remind my self that I have to, at least, more down to earth and open personality?

I dont know. Today birthday is the worse. My dad neglect me. My brother won't give any birthday message. Everyone doesn't talk with me. My bestfriends forget my birthday. And I feel so home sick because I no longer know where home is. I just want to go outside because it is so uncomfortable to stay at home.

I am planny my self to celebrate my own birthday later today while I go outside for workout a little. I want to buy a cake and nice shirt by myself. Rewarding my self to be strong enough to live until 21 years. Motivate my self to work harder for this month in finishing the thesis. And telling my self to get more confidence and not down my self, comparing my self with other people.

I am just fine. I am so human. I will be okay. Everyone is everyone. Me is me. I will not compare my self again to everyone. I will going to get what is the best for me, based on my thought and my heart said. I will do that, definitely.

So tomorrow, I will visit Bandung. Just for quick escape.

3 s'inscrire:

ghea utari said...

HBD koma cantiiik!!! Kapan-kapan ajarin ngeflute!! Sudah lama ga megang alat musik. hehehe Semoga makin cetar membahana badai dan makin menginspirasii... :D

prswb said...

Happy birthday for you!
don't be sad..
maybe they're just preparing a surprise for you tonight.
Cheer up! :)

Nadya Restu Mayestika said...

@ghea: makasih gheaaa, kangen!! jarang banget kita ketemu di kampus. maaf ya makin mellow isi blog gue, gak kasih semangat lagi. ayo lulus bareng2!

@prswb: thank you :') you're right. they just celebrated my birthday today. I feel so glad <3