Happy New Year and Fireworks!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011, people!

Trademark of festive to celebrate the countdown in new year for sure is big fireworks up in the sky, right? what else? hmm. corn roasted or grilled fish and sate? if that true, now i'll talk about this tradition of the world.

I just wonder, why we did something bad to earth in the first new age of earth with made so many carbon dioxide? i knew the fireworks are beautiful, and the new year eve will so bored without them, but can we make our eve great without make something bad to our earth? where are go-green idea in this case? why don't we make some fireworks with less carbon dioxide?

i am just too care with my earth, our earth. so that's why i don't like too many fireworks in the first day of new year. i do care with the smoke after beautiful flower in the sky left. i do care so much. please, someone. stop do that things. please, people. care about this things. thanks :)

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