Earthquake in Jakarta

I'm in Inten, as usual. Learning to the fore stock, stock take the exam. And that day in my class was Indonesian subject. good teacher and seems to make me understand Indonesian language.
at about three hours or less, something shakes my class. vibrate so. children excited told the class teacher if there are earthquakes. but the Indonesian language teacher do not believe us, he thought the shaking was from the ac outside. but after we shut all, just felt if it was really an earthquake

then we all stood up and out of the classroom, continue to exit the building Inten. all the children that day were all the lessons came out to save themselves. I just laughed because it  just my first experience about earthquake 
Only 1 minute earthquake ranges, then I and others continue our lesson. hoahm 

* I think this is a small earthquake, this fact is a big earthquake, and many casualties: c easy to hope the spirits of people affected is acceptable side god, amen.

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