Strive back

Hi, boredom

I have to strive back any guilty and unlikely pleasant feeling of being employee. Now I have been working for a month and those feeling come over me, since my new team not really as enjoy as the old team, I now know what is the boredom feeling is.
Because not only happiness and sweet taste that could you taste in this life, my senior told me that the reality just come and I have to face it. As you have to know, I always complain and told my team to pull me back to their team. But they just told me those things above this line, that this is the reality, that I have to survive, that this is the internship. You have to taste the sweetness and bitterness being an employee.

A week in this team already taught me to more strong and be professional. I have to rely on my attitude because the attitude really makes a big difference if you are an employee. Not only just your technical skill and brain, you have to know when and how to response for any-case.

In Saturday, I was slept over in my friend’s board room. When we had lunch, we talked many things for the future, like we had to open our heart and be prepared for the wedding etc, ready for installment for car and apartment, future office and master. I have to be mature, that I am now growing and already not a child anymore. I should be prepared like from now.
I should not be a naïve in situation like this. I have to dare to face it. If I said I hate to be mature, yes I am. But this is the reality. This is it. What I should do is to find my path, the suit one with me so I should not strive and struggle much because of I enjoy it. And I knew that this one is not the one that I want to find.
I don’t know what happen in the next post. Just hope for the best.

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