What you are up to?

At the time when you could hear Adzan voice in the evening, at that time you have to stop everything and anything you do and start to wash your face, hand, hair and feet (wudhu) to get a pray, in a Moeslim way, Shalat. But you know, I am bad at these kind of things and seems like I've often pray nowadays. Like today, my Mom scolded me because I was not stop my things when the Adzan finished. Even she asked me the words that puzzled me "My daughter, what are you looking for in this world?" and I just smile.

I just smile because I still do not know. I even have declared I do not want to be married and have a son/daughter. I even stated that I want to be alone, want to work, achieved a top of global company, rule the world and die in peace. But still, I don't know what am I up to until I dare to be someone like that.

It still puzzled me.

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