2nd Week

Hi from Pangkal Pinang, everyone!
I just finished my second week working in here and first week joined in the second team as auditor of big goverment-owned mining company in this island. and one word that could describe my feeling as their VE is WONDERFUL!
I am writing this post actually on Monday morning, still have not take a bath because I just arrived from my overhour work in Sunday. The point is I don't get any hard feeling to work with them in Sunday because the team itself was really comfortable to work with. I really enjoy going out and help them. All of them is just like my own friends (just after two days met). After all, the-very-fast-adaptation of me was really dedicated from my very kind senior associate, assistant manager, my senior manager, and last but not least my partner: second associate of this team. They are really funny, friendly, kind, and generous.
I am so happy, they are really care of me. They let me to EAT any food available there and pick my own choice of snack and drinks, even after that they will make fun of me because I eat like a fat-pig (I don't know why my appetite getting bigger after join their team, from the previous one, I just so normal and eat like a princess :p). Just then, They teased me because I told them that I have a special friend in Japan and they didn't believe me, until check my handphone, teasing me like a baby. But....... I enjoyed it anyway because that's the way to get closer in short time, even you can value it as ineffective thing of client's fund but that's valuable to strengthen our work team.
I also learned many lesson of audit, communication, negotiation. etc. And I am still searching about my theme of internship report because so many task that I have already done but it just, hmm, not a big part if you want to jot them down in your final paper. Just, please, stay pray for my graduation in this year. I really want to set this internship session as serious one because it holds my future. the report ended and I want to sleep asap because this morning I will start my day with meeting with client in this island.

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