Hey. It's kinda tough lately, I have so much thought talking each other in my mind and it's a little crazy, I meant, I am crazy because stressful mind! You never know the only cure of this disease is motivation. Yes, motivation is enough to relieve your stress. Friend(s) in this case, help a lot! With their perspectives and thoughtful mind, information and sweet support could encourage you and boost your mood. I never knew that, finally, I really think I am so weak.

Even I had a conclusion that when I pay a visit to bookstore, please keep in your mind to find a good motivation book that could help me get out from this stressful minded. Yes, I am so pathetic lately. And finding some of my friends have been graduated, really really adding so much hurt but at the same time, striking me to do more faster and motivate me to more focus in my goal this year.

Uh, yeah. I have to go. Tomorrow is my first day being an intern. Wish me a tons of luck, guys!

P.S: Thank you so much for YOU, yes you whom care a lot and really like my writings until willing to visit my blog and read all of my writings. Thank you and don't forget to leave me a comment if you want to. Finding a way to keep maintain with you guys. I will write a lot from now on since many of you asked for it. Happy holiday and keep fighting!

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