Training start and end so soon.

Saturday. Thank god you make this day exist between seven days in a week. I found that I will get pleasure and me time only in this day, wherever I am, I will make my Saturday going productively and enjoyable. However, two days ago I joined my first ever training in my internship company (guess-where-it-is-like-everyone-should-has-already-known) and it's finished, wrapped up, with my head still have no idea what am I get from this latest day? But, truthfully, the latest trainer was mentored us like a speedy hell without any space in her/his words. And I bet from my observation with the trainees, most of them couldn't understand the whole program that had been taught. no blame and no offense. Those are just bold the remark that my time is reach its end, the day after tomorrow we will gather up in the office and meet our team manager and directly work soon with all of the stuff.

while I am still confused with my thesis topic, and my professor asked me to call him in Monday. I have to be strong enough  to face the wonderful Monday (6/1), later.


I already rent a room near my office with my friend. So in a mean time, I will move to Kuningan city. 
See what's life I will get on later :)

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