Relationship of libertarian, atheist, and religion

There's lately something bothered me. About libertarian things, and their thinks.
For beginning I want to mention that I don't have any trouble with their opinions or genius ideas about God and freedom. I want to write about it because now most of my friends are considered by me as a libertarian and I assumed that once someone has a way of think as libertarian would fall as an atheist. This is my point. Atheist and Libertarian somehow has positive correlation. They somehow often open their thoughts in my timeline, and their just great as always. Genius and sophisticated people.

I never expected that I will think as theirs now. Your environment pushed yourself to think critical and sharp as time grower. We think and compare everything, everyone in everywhere. Your brain are forced to think everyday even when you're sleeping. So, I don't give you a statement that I am an Atheist-- no! please don't make me leave my beloved religion, but I think as libertarian so much now but never want to have a positive correlation like whole of my libertarian friends.

I have a conclusion reflected to some of thoughts of my friends. He is assumed that religion boundaries made people become stupid, but I am not agree with him. As you know, religion is a guide for us, people with their wild thoughts and wills. I couldn't imagine how miserable world will be if there's no religion. Who's brave to prevent us kill each other or stolen things that's not belong to us? and if science could explain this, who's made particles that comprised a mountain, plants, animals, rocks, even those a cellular of sun, galaxies, planet, black holes? You should find of how those packages of  things in our life described. Even sciences has their limits, even human how brave you are, will not have those limit.

But doesn't make the limit as your explains to argue for stop make efforts in pursue your goals.
That was just your stupidity, bro.
Don't make religion as an excuse

Your pals,
a libertarian too

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