love her

Well, I'm on the top of my mood to write now even tomorrow I will face advanced financial accounting exam that as more I learn it as more I feel stupid and desperate. So, let's write something!

Err, I want to bring up a topic about sister complex. As you could see (if you have read my previous posts) I'm in love with my little sister named Kyla. Now she is five-half years old and for me, she is the bravest, the boldest, the prettiest child ever in my life. She always listen my advices and critics. Also sometimes follow my behavior which is not good.

It is a memorable moments when spending my time with her. Her voices, smiles, stares, touches, even laughs really give my life a color since I drained of energy because hectic activities in campus. She always bring her randomness and brightness, make me smile! because of that, sometimes I (realized) that I'm too much care of her, not as her sister, but more as her mother. My mom knows it and she just permit me to do so. I don't know whether it's wrong or not but I enjoy this role so much, not as a mom but as sister who can give the best thing for her. I don't want her regret as she growing older. I want her thankful as she look at the past.

That's why I love to be suffered of sister complex
or I don't one of them?

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