Down me down

Is that me whom always think in pessimist way or the fact that I really surrounded with great people? I do not believe it that great people is so-this-great!

From toddler I always assumed that kids whom smart will no have their smart-part at the next level of school and so on and so on, but the fact is since you are smart from kids you always be a smart kid for ever.

And now I jumped in a environment that a whole of my friends are GENIUS that really genius! Genius in many ways, some of them maybe not brave stated in academics paper but genius in their acts! their histories! their way to compete, to leader, and to............... many things!

and I have no idea why I could stay in here while I'm not (please really) as genius as they are. Why god I should suffered to push my self aligned with them? Should I not have to push my self? but but I won't see them step a head of me, it will feel miserable, no?

Like, some of them counted in years will achieved CFA, Harvard, Ernst and Young also others of The Big Four, build some businesses, CPA, CPMA, others... others.....

and I am still confused. lend me your hand, god to lead me turn in right way. I do not want to feel sorry for decisions that I made in the past. Amin

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