Okay, I will make it short since I already wasted my time because do not how to make a good essay for my final paper, and now already the time to make it into real essay (but still escape from that and write in my blog).

I would like very thank you for my self *respect your own self, it's important* and of course my parents because of their blessings and support could make me through all of these obstacles. I just had a very wonderful year in my life!

I was turning into 20 this year, with received so much love and prays from my family and friends. and I also have ended my last year in bachelor study this year (and I hope I could get straight A's for the result). And the most achievement is that I can participate in international conference and nailed international competition not so long ago (yeah!!) those already written in my bucket list and I fulfilled it with many efforts.

I also (finally) stepped my feet in SOUTH KOREA! backpacking with my best friends, experienced the country and do extraordinary things while in there. Also I experienced my first flight this year to Singapore and Malaysia (for free) and attended many international exhibition. I do not know but my Japanese friends this year add so much and I hope it is the signal for me that my dream to go to Japan more closer by the end of this year.

Like a couple days again I will end this wonderful year and start my new journey in 2014, I want to utilize it properly. I want to plan my next year so carefully so I won't disappointed when the year has been passed.

and just for a sneak peek, what I want to achieve and through in 2014:

1) Direct hiring from my internship company
2) Finish my thesis in May 2014 with unique topic and strong defence
3) Graduated in July 2014
4) Visit Japan in August 2014
5) ASEAN bacpacking (solo or trio) in October 2014
6) Working and working~
7) November 2014 start my own business
8) Got a scholarship invitation at the end of 2014

can I do all of that? I HOPE I COULD!! SO MUCH NERVES AND I WANT TO SLEEP JUST THINKING OF THEM. many things to do and just have a little time, oh no.

God please be with me :')

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