Plastic Surgery for cosmetic reason? come on, get a life!

Today I should finish my thesis proposal writing but in the half way, I was disturbing in some pics on kpsurgery.co that so many people go to surgeon asked to have some works onto their faces, their beauty faces. and I am just like "holy shit what's happened with their mind?!"

since plastic surgery in South Korea already like a trend and South Korea itself claimed their beautician is the best nowadays in the world, even the government made a special route for tourist whom visit Korea to get a plastic surgery in Korean Culture Tourism site. And it is awesome yet crazy because they make it so wrong.

I believe everyone has their own natural beauty. Some people do not have because they was born with weakness like harelip or after accident in their face. Those people DO need plastic surgery so they could live like normal people or get back their old face. but some people who are not grateful for what God already gifted to them and do not want to struggle in natural way to get what they wanted is like unfair.

and I just think.. after you have worked in your face and when you looked at the mirror, your face is not like the one from who are you when you were a little, the face that god gifted to you, the face that looks similar with your mother and father, even those big nose and small eyes, you look pretty and handsome at your own way. you do not have to get those painful for months just to become another person in the mirror.

if you do all of those stuffs for uprising your self-confidence, then you just need your friends, your parents, and yourself to give you support and build your confidence, do not mind people judgment because you are you! they do not have any right to judge a person only from its cover. Because I believe, every person has his/her own beauty, you just could not find it yet, because you have to be patient and when it comes to surface, you will be proud of your patience and effort :)

some pics of people who got plastic surgery for beauty reason

anyway, I think that South Korea women and men only value people for their appearance, is that true? because the trend so happening nowadays in there, even I was like confused whether these women or those guys really beautiful/handsome or just get some works done on theirs when I was in South Korea couples month ago. and it was like funny to think they are beautiful but their kids will get their old face when it was born. I know it leads me to do rude articles, please forgive me. but all I wanted to typed is South Korea people have to judge a person not only from their looks but also their inside, like heart, talents, and smarts. It will so scary if couple years again all of Korean will look all the same (moon half eyes, V chin, high bridge nose, straight eyebrow, and etc) and guys will find natural beauty is all they wanted. before it's too late, you have to think hundreds time to get some works on your face ya! ;')

ps: I am praying for Koreans and a lot of people who get worked on their face. today and couple years from now you are pretty but you do not know what will happen ten years from now with your face since human could not make similar things like God had created. There must be side effect from plastic surgery, and I hope you guys will be OK. But one sentence is enough to explained that plastic surgery for beauty reasons is only waste your money, since GENES WON'T LIE :)

that's that.

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