Conclusion: I am gonna marry. In the future.

No. I am not kidding.

This year had taught me many things and I had learn how real life it is.
I do not want to be so naive and closed my eyes to the reality, that I am also a human and I need someone who cares me, a lot. Even more that my family and my friends. I want to have a future, I want to share my moments with people that I really care with.

In every aspects and sides that I want to criticize, I couldn't find any bad things in marriage and couples, besides some of them would face crazy moments sometimes because misunderstanding and lack of communication. But the rest, they have many joyful moments and live your life alone will not have so much fun if you compared it with moments of many people that shared those things, together.

And, wearing those beautiful gown, dress, seeing your groom besides you and kissed each other making a promise to live together until death comes in front of prelate and our parents, that so sweet. and having a baby? ha-ha.... I know it will be hurts so much and will disturb your path and your career but I can't lie babies is the most cutest things ever in this world followed by kittens and puppies.

I am just could not find any reasons to deny my destiny to be a bride in the future. I also feel that it will be such a hell if I just live by myself for many years, it will so horrible. I, probably, will be a crazy single woman whom need many love and thirsty of guy. So dirty.

And it just so wrong in my religion perspectives.

Hah.... what should I say. I have to more be realistic person and try to, yah, find him.

 yes, I can not believe what I typed here.

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