1st time marathon around neighborhood

Morning, busy people! This Sunday morning is definitely beautiful one since I started it with good activity! You know what? After about three months do not exercise and running, my body gettibg weaker and sress easily attack me but yesterday I invited mom and dad to join me marathon tomorrow morning, they agreed and we really did it!

Whoa, firsly to separated with your bed is one of a kind and it was heavy thinga to do. But with yelling from Mom, I successfully to move out into bathroom. Then after finished prepare with exercise suit, we took a ride to BKT, a name of exercise park near my house. We reached the scene and I amazed with how many people already gathered around 6 AM and have running, also exercising, taking a deep breath. It was really a peaceful scene of my life. The best part when you take a running, you enjoyed it and behind you there were many cars queueing front of traffic light and seemed hurt because have to catch a deadline to deal. And I was happy, very happy to proud of can spare a little time doing me things, with my body that have a long time I don't care to.

So fellas, have a really great nice weekend! Let's exercise next time for your health ♥

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