Self-esteem, what's that?

About two days ago, I met old friend in my class and suddenly we made appointment to lunch together. Since my class was cancelled and I didn't know what should I do to spent it, I decided to follow her and join her lunch. Well, that's a good decision I've made for that day, because I kinda miss her and also surprised to hear many things personally that had been long time I never talk to with friend. Sort of.

The point is, it seems like I have made a rank for everyone and I set the loweat point for myself. That's I got from my conf with her couple days ago. She kinda suprised how I value myself and I kinda shock how selfish I am. The fact is I don't really that bad and I should be more confident about my will and power. I don't know what exactly happened with me but I promise to make it like those old days, that I am very very proud of myself, so I can do anything rightly fabulously.

[The first time writing post while in train, supplemental]

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