In evening. I just nap around in front of my television while watching.
Suddenly, my sister hug me! and i became very happy. from kitchen, my mom ask me to put off my sister's pants (because she was pee in there) so i dont saw hers and just pit off the pants.
but when i saw clearly to the pants, i saw something shaped and strange. and i looked more closer and i knew what is it!!
It is PUP!! many of PUP!! the shaped are like ball and chocolate. The smell are yucky!!
and i suddenly SCREAMED and RAN far away from my beautiful pretty clever and sexy honey sweety Kyla.

Sorry dear, your pup are very stink.

i made the entry photo in small size hihi
Ehem. This is the photo of my sister's pup. sorry if this one made you feel yucky. SORRY :)

2 s'inscrire:

Daniel said...

ihhh, jijik banget lo kom

komanechi said...

BUAHAHAHAHA gue suka reaksi lo. lanjutkan rang